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FIES- Pós Graduação - FIES - Fique ligado as inscrições do FIES- Pós Graduação e não perca essa oportunidade. Confira!

  • http://www.fiesdaposgraduacao.net/inscricoes-para-pos-graduacao-fies/ Inscrições para pós-graduação FIES - FIES - Você sabia que pode financiar sua pós graduação pelo Fies? Veja como realizar as Inscrições para pós-graduação FIES. Confira.

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  • Amazon Customer - Happy with my purchase!!!!

    I bought this Barbie for a birthday gift for a 5 year old girl and she loved it! The Barbie was originally 30 dollars and I got it on sale for 15. She was a beautiful doll that came in a nice, collectible box. Great purchase

  • AAAries - I am so glad I ended up buying this

    I am so glad I ended up buying this. My bathtub was already pretty clogged up with hair (I know gross) by the time I came across this great little item and it prevented worse damage until I could get my tub unclogged. And it's been about a month since I got my tub unclogged and I'm still using this wonderful drain which absolutely works. It looks nice (I got a white one) and it does its job of catching any hair that tries to sneak into my bathtub pipe. I clean the drain about once every two weeks but you could probably clean it out less frequently than that if you really wanted to, but I shed A LOT so I try to really keep up with the maintance to prevent any future clogging situations. This is absolutely a wonderful little drain and it seems like it'll last a very long time, also cleaning it takes very little time and effort which is great. Before I got this drain I was using a standard metal drain that didn't work half as well as the Tub Shroom and which lead to my initial hair clogging predicament.

  • Paolo & Francesca - The unending plot of the economic royalists and their 80 year cycles of Great Forgetting

    I read this book exclusively on the subway commuting to work in the winter of 2015, and it was both incredibly disturbing and extremely engaging. Thom Hartmann takes a deep look at the economic crisis of today and puts it in the context of economic crises in history. Beginning with the American Revolution, Hartmann explains how economic crashes have happened with regularity in the United States in a cycle where the economic elite consolidates power, crashes everything, and then the public rebels and creates reforms, followed by decades of forgetting during which the elites come to power again. The American Revolution was a rebellion against British corporate oppression, when the British government gave subsidies to big corporations like the East India Company while taxing mom and pop establishments in the United States. The colonial citizens revolted by boycotts and declaring independence from Britain. Eighty years later, the economic elite tried to monopolize expansion of the west by trying to bring slaves with them, but the working class countered with measures that lead to the Civil War. Without free slave labor the south had to compete equally with settlers who only had their own labor at their disposal. However the next eighty years was shaped by huge advances in technology and a concentration of economic power in the hands of a few wealthy elite. Workers were oppressed, industries turned into monopolies, and politics were corrupted by the influence of big money. Eventually this led to the crash of 1929, followed by a decade of economic depression, and then years of rigorous reform. Unions were organized, working conditions improved, wages increased, the environment protected, limits were placed on corporate wealth, and a burgeoning middle class emerged.