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Hormonal Balance | Energy Glands | Energy Imbalance | Thyroid Problems | Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? - Restore thyroid, adrenal and reproductive balance with the book 'Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled.' Lose weight, reduce stress, find more energy, and live life to the fullest once again.

  • http://www.feelingfff.com/appointments.html Health Telephone Coaching | In-Office Visits | Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? - Are you suffering from hormonal or energy gland imbalance? Do you wish your own practitioner had a patient-oriented, empowering perspective? Are you frustrated because you can't get diagnosed or properly treated? Explore our telephone coaching and in-office services.
  • http://www.feelingfff.com/book_thebook.html Metabolic Gland Imbalance | Gland Disruption | Live a Fuller Life | Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? - Fatigue, depression, weight gain, high cholesterol, low sex function, insomnia, anxiety, attention deficit, and severe menopause are common health problems. What often lies at the he art of these various diagnoses is Metabolic Gland Imbalance.
  • http://www.feelingfff.com/serv_testimonials.html Hashimoto's Thyroiditis | Thyroid Problems | Feel Healthy Again | Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? - Testimonial: 'Both your book and the coaching session I had with Dr. Rich were positively invaluable to me in my search for the correct treatment of Hashimotos. I have recommended your book to numerous people, including several of my own patients (I'm a psychologist), whom I believe to be either undertreated or misdiagnosed. I simply cannot thank you enough!'
  • http://www.feelingfff.com/lab_homelabtests.html Taking Saliva Tests at Home - Saliva Hormone Tests | Home Saliva Kit | Medical Tests at Home | Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? - To assist you in securing high-quality home testing at the lowest possible cost, we have made arrangements with several labs using innovative saliva testing, which is often better than blood tests for these hormones.
  • http://www.feelingfff.com/book_contents.html Your Endo Type | Sex, Adrenal & Thyroid Glands | Hormonal Health Book | Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? - Experts concur that one in ten Americans have some degree of endocrine gland disruption, where the various glands that are supposed to work together in harmony (such as thyroid, adrenals, and sex glands) become depleted or confused, altering the hormonal output, wreaking havoc on our lives.
  • http://www.feelingfff.com/book_reviews.html Cure Thyroid Hormone Problems | Holistic Health Books | Online Book Reviews | Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled? - What people are saying: '...learn the fine art of hormonal balance in an empowering and highly practical way. It's must-reading for anyone with a thyroid or other hormone problem.' ... 'Bye, bye hormone havoc! Whether you are are challenged by thyroid, adrenal or reproductive imbalances, this book has some natural and easy solutions for you that work.'

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  • chio - its a rip off don't buy it, I paid for a combo and I only received the device that's half of the price I paid

    I paid for a combo and I only received the device, that's half of the price, I've been claiming for weeks and I haven't got my refund. I haven't use the device because I am so mad with this issue. it's brand new I don't know if it really works. what I can tell you is that if you find another seller go ahead.

  • Ethan Lee - Great stroller

    Overall a great stroller for moms and dads. Very light and folds quickly and compact when you need to store it in house or in your car to be light footed to chase down your child as he runs screaming towards the ice cream truck. The shade is the size of a small bus, VERY pragmatic! It blocks out the sun like a astronomical eclipse as predicted by the Mayans. Overall, I'd recommend this to any parent looking to unleash their parental duties by keeping the kids safe and happy in a confident stroller.

  • Amazon Customer - I think it works great! You have to do your part with diet ...

    I think it works great! You have to do your part with diet and exercise but I definitely believe it helps burn more fat! Doesn't make me jittery like other products and I would recommend it to others, in fact I have!

  • Patricia Q Graham - Hess truck - perfect gift

    Hess trucks are the best!!!! Have been buying them for many many years for my sons and now for my grandchildren, boys and girls. It's the last gift opened on Christmas Day, so they could start playing with them. Thoughtful of the Hess Company to provide the batteries. Hope Hess Trucks continue on and on. Great quality, last forever!!!!!

  • R. Bourland - highly recommend

    I've tried several of these programs and for the price range of this product nothing else compared. I would highly recommend this to anyone designing their home!

  • Shanda Beard - Best book I have ever read

    It had an awesome beginning to it and end and middle I don't think they're is a better book in the hole world I like the ending ware at the slumber party her aunt was having a baby it was so cute I loved it so much

  • latoya - hair feels like butter!!!

    omg i love this product i didnt really believe what people were saying about this product because people tend to exaggerate alot when talking about things they like but i decided to try it anyway.i brought the chi keratin mist first and it smelled kinda strong compared to this product but i really did like it, until i tried this product it was great and it didnt smell as strong as the keratin mist and as soon as i put it in my hair and combed it, it just glided through wow, and im a little past my perm date and my new growth is there but this product got my hair in shape all i needed to do was blowdry (i only had to blowdry with the keratin mist to) and my hair was straight now i wish i had brought a bigger bottle