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  • Mohd. Nazmus Saquib - Best decision i ever made....

    I love this car. It is my first car and so far i have not got any problems. At first i was worried about the mph not being as advertised, but later i figured out that i was not driving in eco mode and wasnt drive far enough. I always had an average of 30mph in 2 weeks. This car is great if u want to go college and work. Then i also had a problem with the entertainment system, there was no sound coming out the of the system. Later i found out that it had a software issue, and took it to the dealer and fixed it without a charge. Honda should have given us the ability to update the audio system ourselves like a phone. Overall, its a great car and i love the it looks. I always get compliments about my car.

  • T. Pierce - Won't be without it

    I've had sciatica nerve pain in my left hip for many years. I started feeling relief almost from the day I began taking this product. I love it and never plan to stop using it. My bottle came with an offer to receive a free bottle after I had been taking this for 15 days. I just went to their website and requested my free bottle. I figured they were going to charge me a shipping charge or something but there was no cost at all and my free bottle should arrive soon. Great company and great product!

  • Ron Kramer - Frustrating install - but well worth the effort.

    Worked past the annoyances of install and updating - steam and play. Frustrating (since no real install instructions of my Mac) but was well worth the time and frustration. The software is awesome.

  • keithsdoe - AWESOME!!!

    I do not have a terrible time sleeping, but there are those nights that you just can't get to sleep and don't want to take medication only to wake up the next morning feeling hung-over or worse than you would have if you hadn't slept at all. I do not have insomnia, Thank God, but this helps me get a full night of restful sleep without any chemicals or medications. Buying it by the case is much cheaper than box by box at the grocery store as well. The taste is great, needs no sugar or creamer, so it is calorie free! It is a wonderful, herbal remedy for those seeking to have a better, more restful night. Drinking it every night has helped make me calmer and more peaceful throughout the day. Chamomile is proven to aid in relieving stress and anxiety, and this tea contains Chamomile as well as a few other ingredients to help you be calm and restful. I highly recommend this product!!!

  • Amazon Customer - love it i went three boxes and they didn't work

    love it i went three boxes and they didn't work. order this one and it is awesome TV shows and movies.i recommend it. its a good buy,