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  • Han Solo - Parsecs

    You lookin' for passage to the Alderaan system? Well let me tell you this Tv made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. She's the fastest Tv in the Galaxy you won't be disapointed.

  • minerv - I need the seller to contact me because I have a problem with this product. the blades seem to have rusted already and will not

    This product meets all my needs for a clean shaven head. It's light enough to hold for a reasonable amount of time and the blades give good results. It is easy and convenient for travel....good product!

  • Jewy McJew - Should be required for all computer-nerds (update: keeps breaking) :(

    Five minutes a day of crunches would produce better results, but if your like me that just isn't going to happen. (face it, we are a lazy species) Nevertheless, none of us have an excuse not to put on a belt and press a few buttons. Specially when the outcome is a tighter stomach, better posture, and less back pain.

  • Jeanie McCoy - Software would not download, so tried on new computer ...

    Software would not download, so tried on new computer out of box, still would not download, they have all kinds of fixes for this, no go, I returned it with no problem

  • R. Kaiser - Good tips, but a biased perspective

    There is a lot I love about the book. However, there is more than a little leakage on his negative impression of the Church. Just a bit too much judgement for my part. Enjoyed the tips, used it, but it is now in the trash after I read it more carefully. It is too easy to judge people from centuries past with a modern liberal bias. If that were missing, it would have been perfect, but I found it irritating enough to come leave a comment.