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EmediWrite.com | Medical Writing & Training Services - <p>Welcome to eMediWrite eMediWrite established in 2008, has become well known for superior editorial quality, client service, and attention to detail. Our staff has extensive experience and vast scientific and medical knowledge from within various fields and industries, including medical communication, publishing, education, pharmaceutical, health care, and academia. eMediwrite is based in Delhi, India. We [&hellip;]</p>

  • http://www.emediwrite.com/about-us/ About eMediwrite | Medical Communication Services | EmediWrite.com - <p>Established in 2008, eMediWrite has become well known for superior editorial quality, client service, and attention to detail. Our staff has extensive experience and vast scientific and medical knowledge from within various fields and industries, including medical communication, publishing, education, pharmaceutical, health care, and academia. eMediWrite is based in New Delhi, India. We pride ourselves [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/ Services | EmediWrite.com - <p>Services We are a strategic medical communications company and healthcare public relations firm that offer customized and perfect-fit tailored solutions to meet our client’s unique needs. This includes complete editorial services, database searching and literature retrieval, coordination and consultation with authors and journals, complete creative graphic and production services, meeting services, and electronic media solutions. [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/av-medical-films/ Audio/Visual Medical Films | EmediWrite.com - <p>Creating an easy means of communication between the patients and the medical experts has always been a challenge. In order to help patients improve their decision making process, it is important to bridge the gap between an expert’s knowledge about the medical terminologies, diseases and symptoms, and common knowledge about the actual experience of the [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/brand-promotion/ Brand Promotion | EmediWrite.com - <p>Brand Promotion through Internet and Social Media Marketing Our services are tailored to assist pharmaceutical companies for different operations that include brand positions, launches, stagnant molecule revival, consultancy, promotion, to name a few. Here is a list of our services.</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/continuing-medical-education-cme/ Continuing Medical Education (CME) | EmediWrite.com - <p>With a team of experienced, creative and dedicated event organization and management team, we specialize in coordinating and facilitating CME programs. So, if you want to conduct a CME program, you can contact us as we’ll see that all arrangements are made for its smooth conduct and execution. These courses are very useful for medical [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/conferences/ Conferences | EmediWrite.com - <p>If you have plans to conduct a medical conference, you would want good coverage for it. We can be of help. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience in covering major events from the perspective of the press. We ensure that your event receives good coverage on different online and offline channels. [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/documentaries/ Documentaries | EmediWrite.com - <p>Our intention behind creating documentaries is to maintain records and make films that are meant to educate. These films are made as communication tools to better the understanding of medical science. They also help doctors by documenting special cases and surgeries for future reference. Our panel of technical experts understands the need for a more [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/doctor-education-films/ Doctor Education Films | EmediWrite.com - <p>Educational films are made to fulfill the primary objective of passing on information in order to spread awareness and simplify existing knowledge. Films, because of their visual appeal and ability to hold the attention of the viewer for longer durations, are considered extremely useful teaching tools. With our series of Doctor Education films, we help [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/key-opinion-leaders-kols/ Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) | EmediWrite.com - <p>Our network of KOL doctors is an element of pride for us. We make it a point to invite KOL specialists from across the country and the world in order to discuss important developments in medical science. Discussions are held on treatment methods in different specialties as well as treatment guidelines. Our strength Our network [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/medical-education/ Medical Education | EmediWrite.com - <p>through article writing, support and editing Through our efficient communication services, we aim to simplify your task of writing &amp; communicating complex medical articles, product monographs and research reports. Our team of communication experts are well versed with and understands all the requirements of medical communication. So, you can be assured of expertly written copies [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/online-servicesdigital-marketing/ Online Services/Digital Marketing | EmediWrite.com - <p>Internet is the future of marketing. With doctors and other professionals related to the field of medicine in India taking to the Internet in a big way, it has become paramount that this medium be used as the major marketing channel. We optimize on digital marketing by offering custom packages depending on your requirements. Our [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/short-docu-dramas-medical/ Short docu-dramas (medical) | EmediWrite.com - <p>Communication is an essential part of a field that is as complicated as medical science. However, the gap between understanding and knowledge among the GP, the patients and the medical experts is so high that communication often takes a beating. We aim at bridging this gap by combining our knowledge of media with our understanding [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/services/training/ Medical Writing Training | EmediWrite.com - <p>Training in Medical Brand Communication and Medico-Marketing Writing eMediwrite is a well known and upcoming brand in the area of Medical Brand Communication and Medico-Marketing. We offer in-house training and guidance on the essentials of medical writing and communication. This training aims to provide a completely interactive and step by step session, presentations, case studies [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/events-gallery/ Events Gallery | EmediWrite.com - <p>&#8220;Essentials of medical communication&#8221; Workshop Conducted on Sunday, 29th April, 2012 from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm eMediwrite conducted workshop on essentials of medical communication, this workshop aimed to provide tips, suggestions to audience on medical communication. Workshop featured Interactive Sessions, Presentations, Case Studies and Exercises. Speaker at this Workshop was an eminent researcher with [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/contact/ Contact Us | EmediWrite.com - <p>If you have questions about our services or would like to get quotes for your projects, please feel free to contact us</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/blog/ Blog | EmediWrite.com | Medical Writing & Training Services - <p>Welcome to blog page of eMediWrite, we post latest updates about us and also latest news from medical industry, please subscribe with us to keep getting latest updates from us.</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/obesity-a-fast-growing-disease-among-children/ Obesity: A fast growing disease among children! | EmediWrite.com - <p>Obesity is one of the fastest growing diseases among small children and it’s very important to keep an eye on it. We all love a child with chubby cheeks, soft and pinkish skin but have we ever thought that this is resulting in obesity and can cause many problems like diabetes, B P etc in [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/silent-heart-attack-is-more-dangerous-than-normal-heart-attack/ Silent Heart attack is more dangerous than normal heart attack! | EmediWrite.com - <p>A heart attack does not always have classic symptoms, such as pain in the chest, shortness of breath and cold sweats. It can be silent with no obvious symptoms but significantly increase the risk of death. According to the study a silent heart attack is one in which the blood flow to the heart muscle [&hellip;]</p>
  • http://www.emediwrite.com/detecting-diseases-becomes-more-easy-faster/ Detecting diseases becomes more easy & faster! | EmediWrite.com - <p>Now detecting diseases like diabetes, infections, and cancer will becomes faster &#038; convenient. Researchers are developing a laser system for a non-invasive, on-site breath analysis that can screen various diseases in a moment. The team has developed an instrument like an &#8220;optical dog&#8217;s nose&#8221; that uses a special laser to measure the molecular content of [&hellip;]</p>

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  • Seenight - Good night sleep.... Finally

    I don't write reviews but believe in this product so much that I want to share my experience. A little about me... I had cervical and lumbar fusion. Needless to say I have chronic neck and back pain. To compound to my problem, I work 12 her shifts in the ER. For many years I have not had a good night sleep. I'm up by 2a nursing my back. I've tried memory foam mattresses and also got top of the line mattress to assist me with my sleep. None of it worked.... I saw the ad and got my mattress. I'm so happy I got it!!!! I've had this mattress for 3 months now and have had 8 hrs of sleep. I'm finally getting the much needed rest. My husband loves it because he is not awakened in the middle of the night to massage my back. I believe in this product and am so glad I have a solution to my problem

  • welos2 - Took it on a flight the Calgary two days after it arrived and it worked great. (FYI Canada's TSA

    Bomber messenger bag. Took it on a flight the Calgary two days after it arrived and it worked great. (FYI Canada's TSA, CATSA, requires that laptops be removed from bags no matter what so exercising that feature had to wait until a domestic flight.) Rain resistant. Lots of pockets. I especially like the laptop charger / cable pocket on the bottom. Love how the sleeve on the back slips over the handle of my roller bag with a snug and stable fit. My only suggestion would be to include a divider in the main compartment; even a removable divider. It's so large that stuff sloshes around in there. And the metal "hooks" that secure the flap require careful aim to engage the small section of webbing strap.

  • K. Sun - i got a trial of this at the hospital

    So I used it since it's designed for newborns. I only used to see if my baby would take a bottle at three weeks old. But she drank down the two ounces perfectly. It didn't constipate her or make her fussy. She loved it. But she was a breast fed baby so she didn't get it often. Good product for the first three months if you need to use formula