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Elaine Jesmer - “I’m Hot!...and I’m Bald!” CHEMOTHERAPY FOR WINNERS - Elaine Jesmer, who knows the chemo experience first-hand, provides a comprehensive range of information about chemotherapy treatment for patients, family members, friends and caretakers

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  • Katy - Turned me into an avid flosser!

    This floss changed me from a reluctant flosser (I knew I should and tried to be good about it but by bedtime I'd tell myself I was too tired and skip...) into a floss evangelist! I actually look forward to flossing now - the flavors are so pleasant, the floss never shreds on the rough or tight areas between teeth, and my mouth feels so refreshed afterwards. I'm partial to the coconut flavor, but they're all really nice and not overpowering or fake-tasting. I will seriously not be buying any other brand of floss again - I'm a Cocoflosser for life.

  • Skeptik - easy to read and informative

    I get this every year to make sure I don't miss any tax breaks. It answers most all of my questions--too bad they don't have a California supplement for our California forms but other than that it's quite thorough and even entertaining at times.