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  • Nope - This product gave me horrible anxiety it was very strange

    This product gave me horrible anxiety it was very strange. I would apply it and I could taste it just from putting it on my skin which was weird. It seemed to work great though my hair grew very quickly, although not seemingly any more follicles but just faster. I only tried it for a week or two and I started getting weird chest pain and horrible anxiety. I also seemed to have decreased libido (maybe permanently? maybe im just getting older idk). The anxiety seemed to last a good while after stopping the product. I'm not sure it ever went away. I never noticed that I had anxiety before taking this product at least. I only tried it for a short time.

  • Heather - Great set for laundry soap

    I buy a LOT of essential oils. I love their scent and the benefits of therapeutic grade oils. These are NOT therapeutic grade, but they are wonderful to use for scenting laundry and other cleaning products! My neighbors loved them too, and have run off with half of this set. I need to get them back! Like many of you, I rely on the reviews I read here on Amazon before I buy anything. One of the reasons I shop so much on Amazon (aside from the awesomeness of an Amazon Prime account with SUPER fast shipping!) is the amount of healthy customer feedback about the products sold. I like to do my part and give back to this amazing community by reviewing items I’ve actually purchased and used myself. My reviews are always honest and accurate reflecting my experience. Some, definitely NOT all, of the items I review are offered to me for a discount. My opinion and review is never persuaded by this fact. I do not only review items that are sent to me at a discount either, the majority of my reviews are on items that I paid full price for. With that in mind, this item was sent to me for a discount in exchange for a review. I have thoroughly tested it and my review reflects MY thoughts on it. I hope you found my review helpful. If so, please give it a thumbs up!

  • Siggy G - The download will not install

    I downloaded the H&R Block At Home Deluxe as per instructions, but it would not install. I get the error messge: "H_R_Block_At_Home_Deluxe_2011_win_Downloader.exe is not a valid Win32 application" Your advertises it to be compatible with Windows Vista/7/XP. I am running Windows XP, which is a 32 bit application, not a 16 bit.