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Introductie - Dutch Button Works - Jan Taco te Gussinklo is actief als specialist zorginnovaties en tevens (ondersteunend) als onderzoeksjournalist.

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City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Amazon Customer - Gave me the newer model

    This model being sold is a great kit. Mine got stolen & I had to buy a replacement. To my surprise, they sent me the newer model. The hammer drill has the 3 light settings & the impact driver has the 3 power settings. I also got the newer, slimmer charger. Lucky me.

  • Tasha Thomas - Great

    I am 100% natural. Curly girl, woop! I only use this product right after I have flat ironed my hair and am about to revert my curls. Very moisturizing to my ends and a little goes a lonnnng way. My hair is mid back length (straightened) and I only have to use a quarter sized amount for my whole head, this stuff turns to oil once you emulsify it in your hands so it spreads super easily. Love it, would definitely buy again.

  • gigi - Awesome and safe for dogs with cancer!

    Got this for my dog that has mast cell cancer. Needed something safe from chemicals , natural for her. Works great, cleans well without stripping natural oils, keeps fleas away, and she smells great too. It did not bother her tumors either. Great product will order again

  • T. Cecchino - Excellent

    A great way to learn the product and see all the inside tips and strategies. Loved the program and thinking of getting the newest with Mobile app

  • skid - We like them. However be aware that if any small ...

    We had solatubes installed. We like them. However be aware that if any small thing is not right within the warranty period(short) the charge is 75.00 per hr to fix. i.e. 150.00 to look and reseal if there is a bit of water seepage or bugs that have fallen through the roof.

  • Michael David - Worked for me

    Used this to repair my cello that had a slight separation on the top from the side. Cleaned as best as I could, applied what I consider to be a minimum amount of glue and clamped overnight. Has been 5 or 6 months and still holding.