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  • Meems - Nioxin Totally Changed

    I have used this product for the past 5 years and just the last bottle I used had a different feel to it and didn't even seem as if I had purchased the same shampoo. It is now heavier to the feel, more like oldtime shampoo and doesn't even smell the same. I never used it due to loosing hair, but rather for more volume and scalp calming. Now I don't notice any difference from using it or using other commercial shampoos. Has to be that now it belongs to Proctor and Gamble and they have changed the formula. I am discontinuing my use of this shampoo and on to another search for something that will stop my dry scalp from itching and still produce shiney hair with a fuller feel to it.

  • Christina - On the fence with this.. I haven't tried ...

    On the fence with this.. I haven't tried it long enough to attest to doing its job, but the flavor is sort of gross.. Imagine eating essential oil.. Yep, that's it. I'll keep using it because it's not that gross, but boarder line.

  • Bssgrl - no probe included?

    I was really disappointed when I received this item because I thought it was authentic to TSA, and I was expecting to be able to perform a full body cavity search by the Trained Sexual Assailants, and that it would include the probes they use to molest you publicly. I was also disappointed that the detector was not able to destroy my insulin supply as known to happen when it is run through the scanner, as this also a known practice. How on earth am I supposed to educate my children on how their rights are basically in the toilet, and that their liberties and freedoms are an illusion if your product does not work correctly? I was also hoping that there would be a component available that would enable attachment of surveillance cameras and a RFID or Retinal Scanner, another needed item in order for my children to completely understand their enslavement. Hoping that these additional items atre available soon!!!!