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Defective Drug & Medical Device Side Effects & Lawsuit Info - Dangerous drugs and medical devices affect nearly 20% of Americans. Here you'll find in-depth information including symptoms, treatments and legal options.

  • https://www.drugnews.net/dangerous-drugs/ Dangerous Prescription Drugs & Related Severe Side Effects - Dangerous drugs can be related to adverse side effects. Find out information on treatment and legal options.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/actos/ Actos Bladder Cancer - Side Effects, Warnings & Risks - The popular type II diabetes drug Actos has been linked to increased risks of bladder cancer. Learn more about the research, warnings and patient options by talking with an expert today.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/cymbalta/ Research & Side Effects For the Antidepressant Drug Cymbalta - Over 60,000 patients have reported severe side effects while taking Cymbalta. Learn more about the FDA warnings and your options.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/depakote/ Latest Benefit and Birth Defect Risks for Epileptic Drug Depakote - Depakote is used to treat epilepsy, migraines and bipolar disorder, but has been linked to severe birth defects. Those families affected may be entitled to compensation from a lawsuit.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/eliquis/ Eliquis Side Effects, Internal Bleeding & Hemorrhaging - New FDA warnings suggest that Eliquis may be linked to internal bleeding side effects. Find out how you may be affected?
  • https://www.drugnews.net/ephedra-pph/ Fen-Phen Research, Side Effects, FDA Warnings and Lawsuits - The diet drug Fen-Phen has been linked to severe heart and lung injuries. Lawyers are still filing lawsuits for those diagnosed with PPH. Find out if you qualify today.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/invokana/ Invokana Lawsuit & Side Effects: Studies, FDA Warnings and Lawsuits for Those Affected - The FDA recently warned the diabetes drug Invokana may cause side effects like ketoacidosis, kidney failure and heart disease. Speak with a patient advocate about your risks and legal options.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/onglyza/ Onglyza Lawsuit - Heart Failure Side Effects & FDA Warnings - Studies show an increased risk of heart failure and heart related side effects in patients.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/pradaxa/ Pradaxa Side Effects - Internal Bleeding & Brain Hemorrhage - The blood thinner Pradaxa is prescribed to reduce the risk of blood clots and stroke in those with atrial fibrillation. Learn more about the drug’s safety and risks of internal bleeding.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/risperdal/ Information on Risperdal & Abilify Side Effects, Warnings and Recalls - The antipsychotic drug Risperdal has been linked to Juvenile diabetes and irregular breast growth in children. Learn more about the risks for your child.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/testosterone/ Testosterone Drug Heart Attack & Stroke Information - Popular testosterone replacement drugs like AndroGel, AndroDerm and Axiron have been linked to heart attack and stroke risks. Find the latest studies, warnings and recall information.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/viagra-skin-cancer/ Viagra Skin Cancer Risk Information - The blockbuster erectile dysfunction drug Viagra has been linked to an increased risk of melanoma. View the latest studies, warnings and litigation news.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/xarelto/ Updated Information on Xarelto Side Effects & Bleeding Risks - Studies have linked newer blood thinning drugs like Xarelto with fatal and uncontrollable internal bleeding. Learn the risks and what to ask your doctor.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/yaz/ Yaz Pulmonary Embolism, DVT & Blood Clot Risk - The birth control drugs Yaz, Yasmin and Occella have been linked to DVT and pulmonary embolism from blood clots. Learn about the risks and your options.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/zofran/ Anti-Nausea Drug Zofran Linked to Birth Defects - Zofran may cause severe heart defects, cleft palate and other birth defects when prescribed during pregnancy. Those affected may be entitled to compensation from a lawsuit.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/medical-devices/ Dangerous Medical Devices - Defective Medical Equipment & Associated Patient Side Effects - Medical devices can often lead to future medical complications. Find out which devices have adverse side effects.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/legal-options/ Lawsuit & Lawyer Info for Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices - Legal options are available for patients affected by adverse side effects. Speak with a defective drug attorney.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/depuy-hip/ Metal Hip Implant Recall & Side Effect Information - DePuy and Stryker metal hip implants have been linked to metallic poisoning and high failure rates requiring painful revision surgery. Learn about the risks and your options.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/ivc-filters/ Bard IVC Filter Side Effects - Fatal Complications: Perforation of Veins & Organs - Thousands of patients implanted with IVC filters have reported severe side effects and have filed lawsuits. Do you qualify?
  • https://www.drugnews.net/mirena/ Mirena IUD Side Effects & Uterine Perforation Risk - Thousands of women have reported perforated uterus or abdominal tearing from the Mirena IUD requiring painful surgery. Talk with a patient advocate about your treatment and legal options.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/morcellation-cancer/ Uterine Cancer Risk from Laparoscopic Hysterectomies - Health experts have suggested a recall of power morcellators used in laparoscopic hysterectomies and fibroid removal due to an increased risk of uterine cancer.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/nuvaring/ NuvaRing Birth Control Side Effects, Warnings & Recall - The birth control device NuvaRing has been linked to blood clots, which can cause stroke, DVT and pulmonary embolism. Speak with a patient advocate for more info.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/stryker-hip/lawsuit/ Stryker Hip Implant Lawsuit: Verdicts & Settlements for Hip Replacement Recall - Stryker Accolade, Meridian, Citation or Lfit V40 hip implant assistance is available. Talk with a lawyer to see if you qualify for compensation.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/talcum-powder-cancer/ Talcum Powder Lawsuit Details - Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Side Effects - Studies have linked J&J talcum powder to ovarian cancer. Learn the risks and possible settlement options.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/actos/lawsuit/ Actos Lawsuit Update - Bladder Cancer Settlement Details - More than 8,000 patients have filed an Actos lawsuit for bladder cancer. The drug maker has awarded $2.4 billion so far in compensation. Speak with a lawyer about your rights.
  • https://www.drugnews.net/mirena/lawsuit/ Lawsuits for Mirena IUD Uterine Perforation - Those who’ve suffered a torn uterus from a Mirena IUD may be entitled to substantial compensation from a lawsuit. Learn more about the litigation and whether you qualify.

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    Couldn't put this book down. A gripping story of good and evil. My only negative is law enforcement and our court system are always viewed as corrupt i n your books. I am aware there are bad apples in almost any system but seems a little overdone.

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    Love it! The only negative is the lids leak a tad when blending and also drinking occasionally but other than that it is a wonderful product

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