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    Women .. this is it! Facial hair - GONE! The magic takes place with just 4 sessions! I bought it last year and it worked like magic on chin-hair. I had a few only but they were coarse and increasing & causing me untold UNEASE. Such freedom for $200 is priceless. I read the reviews here where women experimented with using it on face and were successful. Glad I took the risk and I couldn't be more happier. 3 months ago I took some hormones that brought the chin hair back! But with 3 more sessions, they are history. I had one hair come back and I removed it today, the 1st of Jan 2015. Whatsmore, I was daring enough to try it on cheek fuzz, which is not only fine but lighter hair that the machine does not claim to treat. But guess what, my cheeks are fuzz free as well for the last 2 months & I only tried it twice on my cheeks and I did my cheeks a 3rd time today just to make sure that any leftover fuzz is gone. Whatsmore, I started out with #2 pain setting as it hurt if you switched it to 3 or 4. With a few sessions I was able to tolerate it up to the 3rd level and it doesn't hurt at all! So you grow tolerance for next levels so I'd advise to keep trying the next level every time you do it. But even with #2-3 .. I got GREAT results. Can't praise this machine enough. I am also treating my underarm, arms and legs and seeing improvement. But the area I was most concerned about is already hairless, which is my face! Also, make sure you buy the Red Safety Glasses that are advertized along with it. Keep your eyes closed when you click it on your face. I keep a table-mirror handy so I know where I'm placing the 'gun.' Once I point the gun in the right spot, I close my eyes even though I'm wearing safety glasses. I'll come back to report how I'm doing on my face now. Hope the hair never comes back, will surely report further. I did make sure to buy a replacement bulb a few months back & am using the 2nd cartridge and don't mind spending on it at all. If you benefit from the machine & these reviews, keep adding to the reviews. We gotta keep such products afloat. Finally, a magical device that's not a gimmick or too good to be true. Good luck with a hair-free life of confidence. Your prayers have been answered!!!

  • LindaZ - The most beautiful ornament ever!

    Absolutely stunning! I've never purchased a swarovski ball ornament before (although I am a swarovski collector.) I'm so glad I did. It was a last minute gift to myself and arrived just in time for Christmas.

  • JRFM - Very nice and great child test product

    Wonderful product, it takes me back to my time as a little boy in Costa Rica and a lizard shown me a magical garden where dreams can come true, but then it was just a dream, wolves are trying to break into my house and I worry they have weapons, don't combine this item with a blood sacrifice, they should have mentioned that in the instructions.