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Dr Now ® | Mobile Healthcare & GP Appointment App - Need to speak to a Dr Now ® ? The world’s first healthcare app to diagnose and deliver medication on the go. Book appointments with a GP on your mobile.

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  • JAMES COLL - nice job. It’s really easy to use and I’m ...

    Received your product yesterday and have been playing around with it since. Kick a$$ product, nice job. It’s really easy to use and I’m not too good with gadgets & computers. It would be awesome if it had a zoom feature ☺

  • Joseph A. Reggettz - Beautiful, but needed professional setup.

    Bought one of these for my son for his Birthday/Xmas present. Beautiful. Only issue I had was the setup of the nut. One string was way too low. Took to luthier rather than return and they did a complete setup and it looks and plays beautiful. My son loves it. I expected to need to set it up, but did not expect to need the nut adjusted. It is one fine guitar though.

  • Anonymous - Makes the pain go away.

    I've been to multiple doctors, gynecologists, urologists, and nobody seems to know what's wrong with me. I've paid hundreds in CO pays to find out even my doctor doesn't know what I have. Anyway, my bladder gets a burning sensation every few days, even weeks. It really just varies. But the pain is bad enough that if I worked, I'd be calling in sick. It hurts that badly. It's excruciating. But, I bought these knowing it would help, and I take one every time I feel pain. And it really does help.

  • Colts Fan - Better than Buying a New Waterproof Camera

    My Kodak Playsport waterproof camera started giving me problems so I was planning to buy a new underwater camera in the $250 to $300 range when I saw these cases on amazon. $15 for two cases sure beats $250 to $300. Since there were so many similar looking cases on amazon, I purchased both this Yosh case and a Joto case which cost me a buck more. Other than the different style of clasps on the two cases, everything else was identical. I find that the clasps on this Yosh case are easier to remove when you need to get your phone out but is still secure enough that you won't ever need to worry about accidentally unlocking them.