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  • Jaguar - Ultra my a$$!

    I planted this twice. Each time there was a germination percentage of at least 50 percent - not very good. The worst part for me was that both times I used this seed at least 20 percent of the grass is an ugly coarse broad leaf grass that isn't dark or even medium green - I've seen prettier crab grass. Now I have to kill my lawn once again and start over with a different seed... very disappointed.

  • C. Cassidy - Easy to use!

    Very easy to use. I hope I can find a way to make other book types and how to share electronically. I haven't tried to do that yet.

  • nerdrage - New favorite

    Great value, smells similar to my favorite body wash from bath and body works. The scent Twilight Woods body wash pairs well with the original scent of Marrakesh. The products work very very well. I have extra long hair that is dry on the ends but an oily scalp, this product does not make my hair oily looking at all. I may order another. The only bad thing was the cardboard packing confetti made a mess when I tried to get products out of the tin.

  • Monica - Made my skin glow

    This product will definitely make your skin glow but it can irritate very sensitive skin and cause breakouts. Test it on a small patch of skin first to see how you react.

  • Claypot2850 - Penelope Douglas has done it again

    I went into this book blind. Purchasing it after a recommendation from a friend. Bloody hell am I glad I did. One of the most interesting books I have read this year. No cookie cutter nice girl/guy story here. Everyone is flawed and the story is so much better because of it. Plenty of laughs, tears, angst and raw emotion. Some people might not like Ryen but I feel she was the truest reflection of a teenager that I have seen in a long time. Damaged but still so beautiful. I adored Misha and the chemistry between the two was spectacular 🔥🔥 Their backstory was adorable and believable. Definitely not your average love story, soooo much more. Highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a story that makes you think.

  • Paul - Good product, poor shipping

    This item was packaged loosely with several other items in an unpadded box that was approximately 18" by 18" by 12". This was too large for the items and they were damaged upon arrival. Two of the items appeared to have been previously opened as the seals were missing and torn. This item leaked all over the rest of the loosely packed items. I like these products but would purchase them somewhere else.

  • MichiganCamper - Easy to Follow, Love the Results

    I'm on day 5, and I'm loving the food. I can't believe that I am never hungry on this plan because before this, I was always hungry. Many of the negative ratings for this book say that it is too complicated-- it isn't. Just read carefully, and don't begin until you have what you need. Others have said it is unrealistic-- and I couldn't agree less. Get the vitamins from the store, get the weird seeds and the tasty spices. It's only complicated when you compare it to a frozen dinner that you pop in the microwave. Lots of the negative ratings claim that you must buy the Dr's Vitamins. And that is just not true.