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Oral Surgeon San Francisco CA | Oral Surgery SF | Oral Surgeon in San Fransisco | San Fransisco oral Surgery - Oral surgery services including dental implants, wisdom teeth removal & corrective jaw surgery. San Francisco 415-813-6400.

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  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/patient-information/why-choose-our-practice/ Why Choose Us? | San Francisco Oral Surgery Office | Dr. Massoomi - Our San Francisco Oral Surgery office provides top quality care to patients. Learn why patients choose us! 415-813-6400
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  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/patient-information/useful-links/ Useful Links San Francisco CA, Dr. Massoomi - Dr. Massoomi & Oral Surgeon Nima Massoomi, DMD, MEd, MD in San Francisco CA offers Oral Surgery, 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/ Dental Implants San Francisco CA | Implant Dentistry - Oral Surgeon in San Francisco, CA provides Dental Implants as a foundation for replacement teeth. Call us at 408-253-6081 or 415-813-6400.
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/wisdom-teeth/ Wisdom Teeth San Francisco | Wisdom Tooth Removal - Wisdom Teeth Removal is performed by San Francisco Oral Surgeon when teeth are impacted and can't erupt. Call 408-253-6081 or 415-813-6400.
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/wisdom-teeth/impacted-wisdom-teeth/ Wisdom Teeth San Francisco CA, Third Molars, Impacted Tooth - Learn more about wisdom teeth and the types of impacted teeth from Dr. Massoomi & Dr. Massoomi in San Francisco
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/wisdom-teeth/wisdom-teeth-removal/ Wisdom Teeth Removal San Francisco CA, Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Have your impacted or swollen wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Massoomi & Dr. Massoomi in San Francisco. 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/wisdom-teeth/after-extraction-of-wisdom-teeth/ After Extraction of Wisdom Teeth San Francisco CA, Dry Socket, Infection - Learn about common complications after Wisdom Tooth Extraction including infections and dry sockets from Dr. Massoomi in San Francisco
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/bone-grafting/ Bone Graft | Dental Implant Bone Grafting San Francisco - San Francisco & San Francisco CA Oral Surgeon Dr. Massoomi offers Bone Grafting in preparation for dental implants. 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/bone-grafting/jawbone-loss-and-deterioration/ Jawbone Loss San Francisco CA | Jawbone Deterioration San Francisco - Oral Surgeon discusses common causes for jawbone deterioration & loss that may require bone grafting. ☎ San Francisco 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/bone-grafting/about-bone-grafting/ About Bone Grafting San Francisco CA | Bone Graft San Francisco - Oral Surgeon describes different types of Bone Grafting with advantages and disadvantages of each. ☎ San Francisco 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/bone-grafting/ridge-augmentation/ Ridge Augmentation | Bone Graft | Dental Bone Graft | Dental Implants - Ridge augmentation is performed after a tooth extraction to help rebuild gums and jaw. ☎ San Francisco 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/bone-grafting/sinus-lift/ Sinus Lift | Sinus Graft San Francisco | Sinus Augmentation - A sinus lift is one of the most common bone grafting procedures to restore jawbone in the upper jaw. ☎ San Francisco 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/bone-grafting/socket-preservation/ Socket Preservation San Francisco CA - San Francisco CA Oral Surgeon Dr. Massoomi offers Socket Preservation. 415-813-6400
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/facial-trauma/ Dental Trauma San Francisco | Facial Trauma | Facial Injury - Oral Surgeon in San Francisco, CA treats facial injuries including fractured jaws. Call to learn more at 408-253-6081 or 415-813-6400.
  • http://www.drmassoomi.com/procedures/jaw-surgery/ Corrective Jaw Surgery San Francisco | Orthognathic Surgery - Corrective Jaw Surgery is performed by Oral Surgeons to correct misaligned jaws and improve function & esthetics. Call us at 408-253-6081 or 415-813-6400.

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  • Justin - Easy to read & follow

    Helped prepare my mother for her test in her additional night classes, she said it helped immensely.

  • Carey Holzman - Diamond in the rough

    There are many typographical errors and poor sentence and grammar structure throughout this book. A copy editor would add so much value and professionalism to what is otherwise an excellent book. I've read too many academic books on this topic, but this author approached it like a knowledgeable friend giving another real-world advice.

  • OpenPenman - portable and compact with a clip and big magnet

    this thing is tiny, i mean it could fit in your fist like a baseball. 2x the size of a standard beeper. It could be carried around, it's lightweight, it takes one singular AA battery, it has a clip, and a big magnet behind the clip which is tremendously useful/