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  • skyshot - Best product you can buy to improve your woodworking projects.

    O.K. Here's the real scoop. I've practiced and perfected my joinery over more years than I want to remember. So anyhow, these guys (Kreg) come up with this plastc gizmo for installing pocket screws. Obviously, no match for my skill at attaching table legs, etc. But... Had to try this damn gadget out just to say (to myself) "Ha...No match for my expertise". So, I bought the junior model ($40) so that I wouldn't feel bad when I tossed it in my "Forgotten Tool Box". Figured I'd at least continue using the clamp and step drill on other ocassions. First couple of tries and some blue plasic chips and I thought how right I was..... junk! But I did notice some really nice and square joins. Stong too. Now I've gone through two 500 pc. boxes of Kreg shouldered screws and my furniture projects are actually improving. I don'partiularly enjoy eating crow but yes, I ordered the more expensive set. Thanks Kreg ... I hate you guys.

  • Shawn Kovacich - The Software Itself is Absolutely FANTASTIC! However, I Am Not Impressed With the Forced Subscription!

    Like I stated in the title of my review, the software itself is absolutely fantastic and there is literally almost nothing that you can't do with it. However, some of the features are only good for one year, and then must be repurchased again if you wish to continue using them. This is unacceptable and could easily be compared to a dealer giving away free samples of his product in order to get his customers hooked and then after they are hooked charging them an exorbitant amount of money each time they want to purchase his product. Okay, so maybe that isn't really a fair analogy, but that is exactly how I felt when I realized that I would have to pay for certain features again in one year. Is that fair to the consumer? I don't think so, and that is why I rated this product three stars because of this. I think that the company that puts out this software needs to seriously rethink what they are doing because I believe they are actually causing themselves more harm than good.

  • Jacob - The shoe is great! They are very comfortable

    The shoe is great! They are very comfortable, not to firm, and overall great for the average runner. The only downside is that rocks or wood chips (depending on where you run) often get stuck in the bottom of the shoe. Despite that, great shoe, good look, good price!

  • Customer - Does not download (key card, Windows8.1).

    Spent couple hours trying to download it on my PC (Windows8.1). Offer of "virtual technician" appeared from McAfee, after another 15 min this virt. tech. displayed a sign: "Can't download, such and such files are missing". And then they had guts to ask if this was helpful:)

  • purplehehs - Haven't done anything amazing but it fixed my lamp

    Bought this after seeing what some people have been doing to fix stuff on you tube... I'm not that talented. Some people make flowering vines to cover a damaged teapot handle and other such stuff... Quite beautiful but I'm just a basic kind of girl. Yet so far it worked great! My crazy 5 year old broke our lamp shade off on the lamp where the metal joins together and I used this to fix it. The mixing directions were helpful if a little difficult to color match but as I was thinking I was going to have to make due with unmatched I can't complain much. It keeps for longer if you store it in the fridge which is great but I would still recommend either buying it after storing up a few broken items or sharing it with a friend who also needs to fix some stuff. As soon as it is exposed to air it starts to set and it's expensive so you really need to use it to make it worth while. I would buy it again but I think I might wait to open the pack when I have more than one project to repair.