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  • Debi Goldben - Good thing.

    This was part of a collection that I purchased. Good thing ... if I would have paid for it, I'd have been ripped off. This movie is so completely disjointed. It's like several small movies strung together. They had to work hard to find some common thread. Most of the acting is really sub-par and cheesy. They really try too hard to make a connection between what's happening and biblical prophecy. I've watched "end times" movies where they pulled things together really nicely and enjoyed watching them. This is just so completely over the top shoving church and God in your face. It's almost repulsive ... and I actually go to church and believe in God. Unless it's part of a collection, don't waste your time or money on this one.

  • Priscilla DiNatale - gets you ready for the exam

    Our daughter needed this for the nursing entrance exam & made 100 on math & 96 on a different section the first time she took the test. So I would say this was worth it

  • Libby - Good enough

    Does its intended job. However, the child on the non-carseat side has very little room. This isn't the fault of the adapter...the double BOB has very narrow seats, and infant carseats are so darn wide. Just creates a bit of a pinch for the toddler next door.

  • M. Mullany - Not recommended for callused feet

    Would not recommend for heavily callused feet. It took off the top few layers of skin, but left most of the callus intact - but much drier and painfully cracked. One of my feet now hurts quite a bit - three weeks after using.

  • ChicagoGal84 - This book is truly awesomely Luvvie

    Luvvie is a laugh riot on her blog and her first book (congrats, girl!) is no different. Razor sharp wit in her essays that range from the frivolous to the serious. Long-time fans will be more than pleased and new-comers will not be disappointed with their discovery.