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  • bubba - works great

    i stripped the drain plug on my harley fatboy trans and bought this product hoping it would work or else i wouldve had to buy a helicoil kit and tap the stripped hole in the case. i followed the directions and the next day i put the drain plug back in and no leaks..

  • f.gibbs2989 - The fast way to lose weight

    This workout dvd was the perfect one for me because each segment is only 25 minutes. This is great for all those people who don't have time to workout for an hour or more each day. I have been able to fit this dvd routine into my schedule without a problem and I have been using it for just over the recommended 10 weeks to see results. I do one 25 minute workout and then afterwards I do the 3 minute or so cool down. I also normally do the 2 workouts on Friday, but occasionally I do not have time and have to do one Friday and the other on Saturday. If you are able to get both workouts done on Friday then you get to have Saturday off, which is a treat after working hard all week. Then Sundays are for the 25 minute stretch video. The set also includes a good quality resistance band that is used in a couple workouts. The only thing I would recommend to have present during the workouts is a yoga mat (especially if you have hard floors). I got 

  • fLESHoFgODS - 1 star rated, but 5 star sci-fi cheese fest

    I picked this movie cause I was looking for a sci-fi film that was pure cheese and boy did i find it. This is a low budget one star movie but thats also what makes it so great. The acting is atrocious, it seems like the parts were giving out in a first come first serve, show up on the set and you'll get some kind of role depending on when you got there. The dialogue seems to be written by a class of 3rd graders. Makeup and costume may have been done by a blind person. Everything always seemed to be one take, as you can catch the actors/actresses making unscripted gestures or subtle laughs. This movie sucked and I loved it, I wont rate it 5 for the sake of ratings ill give it a one star but I did not hate it. Stay away if your looking for a serious horror flick, but if your like me and all horror movies are kind of funny to you anyway, give it a chance, and if your a stoner, double the dose before watching this one!!! :)

  • Rex Allen - 3 for the price of one

    I downloaded the Avast Antivirus after I had trouble with a competitor's product slowing down my computer to scan everything I opened. Instead Avast only scans the incoming and outgoing files. Once they are stored, they should be considered safe. I discovered that you get 3 licenses for 3 computers, at no extra charge. I installed the extra licenses on our other computers, one for my wife, and one for my laptop and one for my Desktop.