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Dentist Central - Holistic Dentistry Central HK - Pain Free Dentistry Central HK - Dentist Central HK - Dentist Central : Dr. Titania Tong and courteous staff welcome you to experience excellent dental services under a pleasant, comfortable and pain free dentistry in the Central HK area. Call 852 2810 1801 and make an appointment.

  • http://www.dr-tong.com/meet-the-doctor.html Dentist in Central Hong Kong: Dr.Titania Tong specializes in mercury free dentistry. - Dentist in Central Hong Kong: Our approach to dentistry is a holistic one and we offer treatments that are of benefit to your overall health.
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  • Amazon Customer - Perfect fit on my 2013 explorer sport

    Perfect fit on my 2013 explorer sport. You really have to clean the area prior to install.. Nice rubbery feel. Matches trim black color.not the best but good enough for its purpose. Wish it covered more of the bumper.

  • Amazon Customer - Quicken: A Useful Tool

    The 2014 version started out with quite a few bugs in it. Now that they've finished the patching, I think there is still a little bugginess left. I understand that the 2015 version is also buggy so I'll probably just continue to suffer along with this version for another year or two. I have to stay with Quicken because I have 25 years of complete financial history on it and wouldn't want to lose that. I currently track 32 active accounts varying from property to investments to simple savings, checking, and cash accounts on it. I got my first exposure to Quicken when I purchased a different software product and the store gave me Quicken for free... it was a promotion at the time. That giveaway paid dividends to Intuit as I've purchased many versions since.

  • Amazon Customer - For one night stands in a RV a must.

    We used this book extensively on our May trip. Very helpful on the interstates. Wish there was one for the Turnpikes. We used it to find lodging for our camper several times. I will be buying the 2017 edition.

  • K. Neff - From ineffective to effective parenting!

    Total Transformation has changed the lives of both me and my 10 year old son. He battles with ADHD and has always ended up in trouble at school and anywhere else he might go. He's a very sweet and kind child but would end up having tantrums when he becomes overwhelmed with negative emotions. With the step by step skills learned from TT my son is a new boy! I have heard from his teachers, from family that he has become a joy to work with each day. He no longer gets in trouble daily at school or has to be told what to do. He has become proactive and pleasant. Most importantly he has gained confidence. Watching the results of his new positive behaviors has been a joy as he has become very popular with other kids at school. He has friends and is well liked, which is not something I could have said a year ago! I cannot recommend this product enough. Effective parenting is not for lazy parents and it takes ongoing work; however the results are worth it. I recommend to every parent who tells me they are less than pleased with their child's behavior...which is almost everyone. You must try it and take the advice on. If you take the advice and use the system it WILL work.

  • patience hamer - great grip

    Definitely a pole dancers best friend especially considering I sweat a lot. Always arrives on time. Definitely would help if they sold bigger bottles. I dilute mine with a little alcohol .it helps it last longer.

  • Amazon Customer - Will use an abacus before I upgrade again!

    Peachtree Complete (5 user) was always relatively expensive to upgrade, but it was nevertheless worthwhile to do every 2 years. A few years ago, as our small business grew to employ around 25 people we purchased the Quantum version for many thousands of dollars. So far, so good..... Unfortunately, not long after we got Quantum, Sage changed their business model so that every year you would have to bleed financially to "upgrade" your software. And the upgrades are pitiful for what new they offer.