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DOT Caring Centers, Inc. - Dynamic Outpatient Treatment - DOT Caring Centers, Inc. Dynamic Outpatient Treatment center for substance abuse disorders and mental health issues

  • http://www.dotcaringcentersinc.com/services.htm DOT Caring Centers, Inc. - Services - Our outpatient substance abuse services include co-occurring disorders treatment, first offender education and evaluations, intervention services and family counseling. Mental health programs include psychiatric evaluations, individual, couples, family and group counseling. We have a specialized program for domestic violence offenders and anger management.
  • http://www.dotcaringcentersinc.com/locations.htm DOT Caring Centers, Inc. - Locations - DOT Caring Centers, Inc. has three locations in Mid-Michigan, the corporate office in Saginaw, inpatient and detox facility in Freeland and outpatient care in Owosso
  • http://www.dotcaringcentersinc.com/lifeskills.htm DOT Caring Centers, Inc. - Life Skills Coaching Program - The Life Skills Coaching program is an intensive, effective, strengths-based, community-based case management program which motivates Substance Use Disordered individuals to engage in all phases of recovery
  • http://www.dotcaringcentersinc.com/contacts.htm DOT Caring Centers, Inc. - Contacts - Contact DOT Caring Centers, Inc. Dynamic Outpatient Treatment center for substance abuse disorders and mental health issues
  • http://www.dotcaringcentersinc.com/funding.htm DOT Caring Centers, Inc. - Funding - We accept many insurances, medicade, medicare, blue cross, blue shield and more

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