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Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | Discovery Marine Limited, Hydrographic Surveyors DML - measurment science, coasts, lakes, seabed, oceans, rivers, dams including hydrographic and topographic surveys

  • http://www.dmlsurveys.co.nz/blog/ Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | Blog - Seabed charts of the Marlborough Sounds dating back to the 1940s are set to be overhauled in a state-of-the-art digital mapping project.Information from more than 40,000 hectares of Queen Charlotte
  • http://www.dmlsurveys.co.nz/page/SERVICES/ Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | Hydrographic & Topographic surveys - specialists in surveys for navigation, dredging volumes, oil & gas exploration, erosion monitoring, habitat monitoring, seabed sampling, dam & water catchment inspections, salvage support, IXsurvey
  • http://www.dmlsurveys.co.nz/page/PROJECTS/ Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Dams, Coastal Zones, Ports - Hydrographic & Topographic surveys through New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Australia, Sub-Antarctic in oceans, lakes, rivers, dams, coastline, ports and water catchments, IXSurvey, Precise Surveys
  • http://www.dmlsurveys.co.nz/page/dml-story/ Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | Leading Hydrographic Survey specialists, IHO Cat A Surveyors - DML has a team of specialist hydrographic & topographic survey specialists including IHO Cat A and Cat B Surveyors. Qualified for navigational and environmental surveying.
  • http://www.dmlsurveys.co.nz/page/TEAM/ Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | IHO Category A and B Hydrographic Surveyors - Gregory Cox, Greg Cox, Bruce Wallen, Declan Stubbing, Jimmy van der Pauw, Wade Roest, Kevin Smith, Sally Cox
  • http://www.dmlsurveys.co.nz/page/CONTACT/ Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | Discovery Marine Limited, Hydrographic Surveyors - Discovery Marine Limited has two offices, one in Auckland and the other in the Bay of Plenty. Contract services are provided to Port of Tauranga & Ports of Auckland along with services into Australia
  • http://www.dmlsurveys.co.nz/page/HEALTH_and_SAFETY/ Discovery Marine Ltd, DML Surveys | DML Health & Safety Policy - DML actively promotes safe workplace practices above all else. All staff and contractors must have current health & safety in employment accreditations and knowledge.

    Country:, Oceania, NZ

    City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Dr. G. Lentini - Perfect fit right out of the box

    Perfect fit right out of the box. Looks great in my 2013 Sport Explorer. I don't use the rear seats, and this covered them very well. The shipment arrived next day, I was surprised.

  • mohangc - Soft and strong

    So i got this for my wife since she had been looking for these kind of oval brushes for long time. In her words, she likes the fact that it blends the foundation very softly throughout the skin. It has become her favorite brush because the bristles are soft yet strong and firm. The whole brush feels very firm. Overall, she does recommend it to people looking for a good oval brush.

  • Maddog - Hasa R2 Roadbike

    After looking at several road bikes in this price range, I decided to try the Hasa R2 with Tiagra componets. The first thing I noticed was the excellent welds and paint. We have purchased three other "name brand" bikes locally in this price range and found the Hasa to have the best finish and componets. It also has excellent handlebars, better than the $2500.00 Fuji we purchased. The R2 is a well built bike and would be perfect for someone wanting Tiagra componets and not necessarily a carbon fiber frame.

  • Kristen86 - By far my favorite eye cream so far.

    I have bought many different eye cream products over the years, anywhere from Walmart brands to clinque and Lancôme and I have to say that the skederm ultimate eye cream is by far my favorite so far. I did receive this product at a discounted price for my unbiased and honest review. My review is based on my own personal experience. I use this eye cream in the mornings before applying my makeup and at night after I wash my face. It's so soft and silky and makes my skin super soft and bright. In the mornings it also reduces my under eye puffiness. My skin and eyes have never looked so bright. I love it. It comes in a cute pump bottle that gives you just the right amount each time because you definitely don't need a lot a little bit of this awesom cream goes a long way.

  • lis de la marina - Was much better the old formula.

    I bought Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment a long time ago, could be around 2 years ago, I had still some of the old one when I bought the new one very recently, and I felt the old formula was stronger and better, the smell was stronger and the color was darker, this new one is lighter color and the smell still smoky smell but with a little bit of perfume in it, like the company is trying to disguise the strong smoky smell adding some of other good scent in it. I mean still a good product but I don't feel it as good as the old formula. The smell was never a problem for me, it's true the smell is kind of strong smell, but really the smell goes away when you wash your hair, what I would do with a good smelling product without good results!!! the good smell isn't everything, especially with products for the hair and the skin, I really want on first place good results and second or third place the good smell.

  • Spirit - HALLLELUJAH - IT WORKS!!!

    Before I write my review, it's important to note three things: 1) I know it takes a very long time to get rid of nail fungus; 2) I can't afford over $100 for nail fungus Rx and, 3) I had tried several different brands of OTC nail fungus solutions with only slight improvement prior to buying ZetaClear.