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DKT India - Cost Effective Family Health Planning Organization | Kare - DKT India is one of the largest Cost Effective Family Planning Organization in India, giving women's all the rights/methods to make the decision related to pregnancy and child birth. Visit Dktindia.org to know more about us.

  • http://www.dktindia.org/aboutdkt.aspx DKTIndia.org - Non-Profit Organization in India, HIV and AIDS Prevention | Kare - DKT India is an affiliate of DKT International, a non-profit organization which has been extensively promoting family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention in all parts of the globe.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/OurStory.aspx DKTIndia.org - Our Story, Birth Control, Family Planning Ways and Methods | Kare - DKT India, named for D.K. Tyagi, an early pioneer of family planning in India. DKT India main focus is to help improve people's lives, and make a lasting impact by providing products and services to avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/newkare.aspx Kare Products to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy, Abortion Methods and Treatments at Home - DKT India has pioneered in providing safe contraception products to women for avoiding unwanted pregnancy as per the needs.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/iud.aspx U-Kare Intrauterine Contraceptive Device, IUD for Women - DKT India - Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) is a birth control device used for family planning methods offering women to prevent birth from 3 to 10 years.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/abortion.aspx Medical Abortion Pills at 6, 5, 9 & 12 Weeks | Manual Vacuum Aspiration Abortion - A- Kare Medical abortion is cost-effective method refers to a safe and effective method for terminating an early unwanted pregnancy from first week to one month of pregnancy.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/oral.aspx Emergency Oral Contraceptive Pills for Women in India - DKT India - DKTIndia.org provides you Convenient protection with Contraceptive Pills to suit the patient needs.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/emergency.aspx Emergency Contraceptive Pills for Women, Girls - DKT India - EC-Kare is an Emergency Contraceptive Pill for women to avoid unwanted pregnancy within 72 hours or after 1 Month of unprotected sex.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/injectable.aspx Contraceptive Injectable Medicine for Women in India, Injection to Avoid Pregnancy - Depo-Kare an Injectable medicine , Birth control device placed inside the uterus for women that prevents pregnancy for a considerable period of time upto 3 months.
  • http://www.dktindia.org/../articles.aspx Articles on Best Family Planning Choices, Birth Control Methods, Family Health Services U-Kare – DKT India - U-kare helps an average individual to think about it’s family planning by using IUD an Affordable Birth Control Device/ Contraceptives available in India.

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