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  • Mark Armstrong - ... did was give me stomach craps and make me crap a lot

    Basically the only thing this product did was give me stomach craps and make me crap a lot. I had a weird pulsating pain behind my left eye as well. Huge was of money in my opinion, unless your constipated then I highly recommend it!

  • ynotmoore - Scars were lightened, but no noticeable change in acne.

    All in all, I'd say I'm satisfied with this product. I've always been a person to squeeze acne bumps on my face, so I have a few scars/marks on my face. Since this was advertised as anti-acne and scar removal, I gave it a try. I've found that it has lightened some of the marks on my face since I've been using it twice a day as directed. Having said that, I have not noticed any decrease in acne overall. Of course this is completely subjective, since I can't say for certain if I would have had more or less acne with or without using this cream. So for me the scar removal has been noticeable, but not so much the anti-acne portion. I'm rating this 4 stars because I am happy about the scar removal.

  • DRM,RN - Great grinder, works wonderful

    My husband and I really enjoy cooking. We like to have freshly ground pepper, if defiantly makes a huge difference in taste of the finished product. This grinder is great. The sleek design looks nice on the counter. The adjustable settings are perfect. I like a finer grind, my husband prefers a larger grind. Easy to adjust. It stands nicely and does not tip like some we have had in the past that we are always finding behind the stove. This can be used for salt as well, we are pepper people, so pepper it is. Shipping was super fast. This would make a nice shower or wedding gift for the new couple. Also house warming gift. I like these fun ideas that most people don't think about when gift giving. Overall, great product, great quality. Highly recommend. I did receive this for a partial discount for my fair and honest opinion, which I take very seriously.

  • Kieran & Hannah - Amazing Tea Detox, Results were suprisingly good!

    An excellent detox product, along with losing a considerable amount of weight whilst on the detox, I also now feel so much more clean and refreshed, my appetite was suppressed nicely and completely cut out the snacking I have a habit with throughout the day. I found it was best to do the detox without adding any sugar or sweetener to the tea. A fantastic detox product! Thoroughly recommended!