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  • unionsteve - Blown away!!!

    This speaker simply just blew me away with it's quality and sound. It just rocks the house down. Unbelievable performance for such a compact device. Also the price was the best and half as much as most in the portable speaker class. Buy one and you'll thank me!

  • asl chica - A straightener I actually use in the mornings

    It is best for me to tie my hair back as it dries if I want to use this so my hair is "straight-er" near the crown. It is very difficult to straighten it there if not. However, I love how quickly I can straighten my hair and even add a little wave at the end. Seriously, I am terrible at hair styles, make-up, jewelry, anything girly, and my hair looks AMAZING when I'm done with this. Quick to heat up and takes less than 15 minutes to straighten and style. I then just use some hairspray, sprayed into my hands first, to ease down some fly aways. As long as it doesn't rain, I'm all set.

  • Toddy Counts - Pregnant = Prenatal Vits!!

    People sometimes don't understand the importance of taking a prenatal vitamins. You want to grow a healthy baby and you want to do all you can to make sure that! But it is equally important to make sure your taking a good prenatal not a bad one. This one seems to have all good ingredients in it and it hasnt made me feel sick or anything like some do. Good product!