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Dermatitis Herpetiformis - What is dermatitis herpetiformis? Skin condition associated with coeliac or celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Gluten-free diet, itchy skin rash.

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  • Becca - Nice boots!

    I went skiing today for the first time since I got these boots and all in all, they were very comfortable, warm and soft (especially compared to rentals..). The only complaint I have is that they are so difficult to put on at least the first few times. I tried on other boots when I was looking and none of them were as difficult to put on as these. I chose these, however because they won in terms of comfort level. I would recommend these to anyone because once I have them on, I love them! They just take a little breaking in I guess :-)

  • kenneth m. tucker - Modern Classic

    This album is incredible from start to finish. Not only is his musical production and lyrical content A+, he didn't have ONE guest appearance. Cole's world from start to finish, representing the South, representing life, crossing generations.

  • Margie Louise Pipkin - I love these

    I love these so much,my family and friends come over and ask me were did i buy these at,and i say at amazon,these so wonderful i like the fact that they're porcelain drip pans ,and that they are black in color,so if they get food on them i just wipe them clean and they look amazing on my stove ,i will order more of these ,i just love they way they make my stove looked ,these are very good to have,i used to get the drip pans that were shiney ,but i like these better,so i will purchase these from now on.

  • Mom of 3 - Purchase at American Girl.com

    I buy a lot from Amazon, but beware they are charging a lot more for the items. American Girl.com only charges $100.

  • Nevada Star - DOESN'T WORK.

    I did everything by the book, drank tons of water, ate healthy, slept with it on, showered before I put it on to open my pores, & I kept them on for 6 hours.