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  • AminK - Next I must point out the poor design. You must unscrew the front panel to ...

    First and foremost, I must say the instructions are misleading. The sticker asks for Black and Red wires to be connected to the battery before use. Next I must point out the poor design. You must unscrew the front panel to reach the battery. The front panel is connected to the body with 2 separate wires and simple push, tug or mistake can easily break this connection. Power button and 2 USB ports are connected through this "removable" panel. Although, instructions tell you to connect wires before use, after opening the front panel you find out the wires are already connected. Other than red & black wire, there is a really short yellow wire that needs to be tucked in a small gap between the battery and center panel for the front panel to be closed properly.

  • Csaba Szalontai - my baby is not afraid of our vacuum but when ...

    my baby is not afraid of our vacuum but when i connect this to it and trying to stuff it up in his little nose he freaks out. We got a really expensive vacuum but it shuts off automatically if i have this nasal vac connected to it on full blast. If I set it to mid power the nasal vac is just not sucking hard enough.

  • M. Giardino - Love the fit of these shoes

    Love the fit of these shoes. I can wear these shoes 12+ hours with no problems. I have received many compliments for the shoes. I am anticipating getting another pair as a backup.


    This mouthwash gives the best results when used with the Biotene PBF toothpaste. It increases the saliva in persons who have dry mouth due to non-medical situations. If you're used to mouthwash that is astringent or burns this is not for you.

  • Michael Duke - Tremendous Gratitude for Transformative Information

    I learned of this book from Truth Calkins, a remarkable guy that healed himself using Body Ecology Diet priniciples. He is truly insightful and can be seen on YouTube.

  • phaidout66 - Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving

    Well the world is still here after 2012, but this movie has some interesting almost believable ideas. Its all based on the Mayan calendar and the world just explodes with destruction on a catastrophic scale. The GCI effects are endless and very detailed. Those visual effects people really did their homework on how the viewer needs to see a realistic approach to such massive destruction. From a massive tsunami rolling a aircraft carrier into land to splitting the ground open and collapsing an entire coast into the sea! Wow! Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving. I did not get bored at all.

  • Ej22ndrow - Great foaming facial cleanser

    This review is for Vitamin C Facial Cleanser 4 oz - Best face wash for Anti Aging & Skin Brightening with Vitamin C, Herbal Infusion, Rosehip Oil - with 8 times antioxidant protection! from Radha Beauty