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Wrexham NHS and Cosmetic Dentist - Here at Dant Y Coed Dental Practice, we provide a holistic approach to healthcare and as such provide total dental care which in turn enables cosmetic dental care to be instituted.

  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/contact/ Contact | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - If you would like more information on our services then please contact us on 01978 759 876 or fill in your details on the contact form opposite. Dant Y Coed
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/about/ About us | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Dant Y Coed Dental Practice is situated in the picturesque village of Coedpoeth in North Wales. The building itself is a traditional detached property and is
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/about/complaints-procedure/ Complaints Procedure | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - We aim to make your experience at the practice as pleasureable as possible however should have any complaints please contact Miss Angela Machin (Practice
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/independent-care-plans/ IndepenDent Care Plans | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - What is a Membership Plan? More and more of our patients are joining our Membership Plans because¬†they offer a simple, flexible way to pay for your private
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/staff/ The Team | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - The Team Dant Y Coed Dental Practice has seven dentists that all have various interests and specialist interests so that the majority of your dental
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/ Dental Services | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - In fact, a recent survey revealed that 74% of adults who responded believe an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chances for career success, while 92% say
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/invisalign-clear-braces-and-fixed-orthodontic-services/ Invisalign (Clear braces) and Fixed Orthodontic Services | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Dr Ravi Boojawon is one of the Principals of Dant Y Coed Dental Practice and is a Speciality Doctor in Orthodontics at Warrington and St Helens Hospitals. We
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/anxiety-relief/ Anxiety Relief | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Dental anxiety or phobia is the most common reason for someone to not get dental treatment and unfortunately its presence in a lot of us is very common. Firstly
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/family-dentistry/ Family Dentistry | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - As parents of young families ourselves, our focus is on the prevention of dental health issues for patients of all ages.As routine practice, we aim to educate
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/periodontal/ Periodontal treatment | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - As a part of your dental checkups we always check the health of your gums. Gum disease is a slow disease that affects the gums and bone that support your teeth.
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/teeth-whitening/ Teeth Whitening | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Tooth whitening is one of the fastest growing most sought after cosmetic treatment that is occurring today. Our society is forever becoming more and more
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/implants/ Implants | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - For the majority of cases, a dental implant is regarded as the premier solution for missing teeth by dentists and patients who have had them placed. A dental
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/crowns/ Crowns | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Crowns are an ideal way of rebuilding a tooth that have been broken or weakened by the presence of a large filling or decay. Crowns fit over a specifically
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/veneers/ Veneers | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - The principle of veneers is similar to that of placing a false fingernail. They are custom made restorations that are micromechanically bonded to a tooth
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/root-canal-treatment/ Root canal treatment | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Unfortunately teeth can get damaged to the point where the nerve of the tooth dies and that can cause severe pain. With advances in technology, teeth can now
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/dentures/ Dentures | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Dentures can help replace a few teeth or all of your teeth. They have many benefits such as helping you eat better, look better and feel more self-confident.
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/dental-services/bridges/ Bridges | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - If you have missing teeth, they can be replaced with a dental bridge or alternatively with dental implants or dentures. A dental bridge can replace up to
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/ Facial Rejuvenation | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Introducing Dermedica We are happy to introduce a close affiliation with Dermedica. Dermedica who are able to offer our client the most pioneering
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/wrinkle-softening/ Introducing Dermedica | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - We are happy to introduce a close affiliation with Dermedica. Dermedica who are able to offer our client the most pioneering treatments available
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/facial-rejuvenation/dermal-fillers/ Introducing Dermedica | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice -   We are happy to introduce a close affiliation with Dermedica. Dermedica who are able to offer our client the most pioneering treatments available
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/2013/06/invisalign-open-day-saturday-27th-july-2013/ Invisalign Wireless Braces Open Day Saturday 22nd February 2014 | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - On Saturday 22nd February Highly gentle like http://washnah.com/angela-women-s-ginseng boyfriend fingers Please
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/2016/03/appointments/ Appointments | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - If you are an NHS patient we have strict policy in place for missed appointments. If you fail to attend two appointments without sufficient notification, it may
  • http://www.dantycoeddentalpractice.co.uk/2015/06/1276/ Joining our practice | Dant Y Coed Dental Practice - Here at Dant-Y-Coed dental practice we are currently taking on private and plan patients immediately. Unfortunately our NHS waiting list has closed

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  • incognito - Hahahahahahahaha - what a joke!

    The concept seemed reasonable (it gets two stars for concept btw but that's it) and there were plenty of positive reviews but this thing is really a nightmare. Go take some rubber and brush your hair with it and tell me if you enjoy your hair sticking to the rubber bristles and getting ripped out as you pull...I mean like 20+ strands at a time! I even tried using an enormous amount of silicon based hair smoother to stop the pulling but didn't help...my hair was darn near dripping with silicon smoother & was still being pulled out. That's what this thing does. Also, it doesn't heat up to the advertised temperature...I checked with my laser thermometer which I know to be accurate and have only seen it get upto 285 F (even though indicator said it was cooking at 420). Also at that temp it smells like its burning as well...."mmmm burning rubber smell" said no one EVER! But what about straightening you ask? There was a slight straightening effect that occured after I decided to hold my hair on top (to lessen the pain) but that's it, slight. There was not a flattening or smoothing effect though so in my case, I ended up with semi-straight frizz which was a new one on me. I worked the same section over and over for 20mins and that was my result. Returned!

  • denise reed - IHealth Align Glucose Meter

    I have been using the IHealth align meter for over four months now and have found it to be as accurate as any other I have used in the past. The size makes it easier to carry with you and the operation with the smart phone app is great. You can send reports to your doctor via email as well as look at your trends with little effort. The test strips are inexpensive and easy to use. The process to order new supplies is extremely easy and shipping is free if you are willing to wait a few days for delivery. Their customer service is one of the best out there. So far I have not found one down side to any of their products or services.

  • Anna Stephens - Quality product

    Works like it should. Used it to take off a dealer tag on my car and it dissolved the adhesive with just a little bit in only a few seconds

  • Angel Zero - Great Entry Level Dual Sport, One Glaring Downside

    I bought this bike back in late August 2013, had a car accident which led me to be unable to use it for a few months, but I'm getting back to biking and have hit 300 miles total with this back. It's my first good quality bike that I've had since I was 11, and I had a walmart bike which I promptly returned right after ordering this online from Bike Nashbar on a sale (totaled $360 at that time). I'm a programmer and know how to build computers, so I thought why not bikes as well? My purpose was at first for recreational, but then, the aspect of riding occasional simple trails coupled with usual road riding attracted me to have dual sport as my first real bike. Which comes down to features I was looking for, 1) gearing for the major climbs in my city, 2) disk brakes if I was going to ride in the rain, 3) suspension for the occasional trails, 4) not very heavy.

  • Melanie Griffith - She Writes Like An Angel

    Oh my God!! I loved reading this book. Not only does she write the most beautiful songs, she is also an amazing story teller. I felt her heart through out the book. From her awkwardness as a girl growing up in NYC with fears that were very hard to overcome, but overcome them she did! In spades. She goes from being a teacher to winning Academy Awards. She takes us through her loves, her success, her passion and her art. Carole is so beautiful physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Of her 175+ songs that she has written are so many mega hits, I promise as you turn the pages of this elegantly, beautifully written book, you will say, " She wrote that song....and that one? And that one too?". "On My Own", "Midnight Blue", "When You Love Someone", "How Do Fools Survive", "When I Need You" are a few of MY favs!! She weaves a beautiful tapestry of music and life and love here. This is one of the best memoirs I have ever read! Thank you Carole!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  • Eugene Ghiglia - Krud buster

    This stuff actually works OK. I wouldn't rate it as Industrial Strength, but it's not harsh or irritating either. I've used it on old grime and grease with moderate success, and on newly spilled oils or messes with almost total cleaning results.

  • Paulette - Can't beat the price

    I have been buying Norton 360 for a few years and like the program but it is jut too expensive for me. I found it on Amazon for less than half the price of the big box stores or from Norton. The download went smoothly. Highly recommend.