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  • Brian Henwood - Also took a month and a half to arrive missing pages from the instructions terrible headache

    It had no control or access to anything. And it definitely isn't plug and play I tried telling them the radio was defective to get a new one but they just kept emailing me more questions. Also took a month and a half to arrive missing pages from the instructions terrible headache

  • Hillman Hutchinson - great boots

    These shoes fit and feel great! They feel just like the ventilators and have a short break in period too. I have wore them walking in the rain through some puddles and they are definitely waterproof. Also, they have kept my feet very warm in cold weather. Out of the box, they were pretty dry and did need some mink oil. After a couple coats they were good to go. All in all a great buy.

  • Kathy S. - Not tear free, stings a lot

    I liked the smell and the foam, but I'm a tired mom. Sometimes when I wash baby, the soap is going to get in her eyes. I don't want her to cry. After this happened once, I tried it on myself and realized how much it stung. You can be as careful as you want, but the soap gets in the water and is used primarily on her head, so I'd prefer not having the stress of worrying about her crying because of me and the soap. We switched to babyganics which makes a foaming, tear free, fragrance free shampoo/wash that has been much better.

  • david - Great for Nvidia Shield tablet

    Installed on my Nvidia Shield Tablet. SUPER easy and effortless to install. I love the feel of this glass better than the tablet's own glass. Touch and styulus work fine. Only question I have is why did they make a notch for the light sensor? Seems pointless, but the notch causes no problem.

  • A. Crain - I own two! (A review after nearly two years.)

    I bought my first roomba 770 nearly two years ago. We had just bought a 1600+ sq. ft. condo with both wood flooring and carpet. At the time we had both a cocker spaniel and a borzoi/afghan hound mix. Let's just say, those are both VERY hairy dogs. Have you SEEN an afghan hound?? haha.

  • Raymond J. Alstrom - Really as good as everyone says...

    I hate exercise, but I'm 52 years old and tired of lectures from my doctor about "getting daily exercise". A friend of mine bought one of these and I tried it and liked it. I promptly gave my exercise bicycle away and bought a Gazelle Edge.

  • Wade Johnson Jr. - I Think that I am Disappointed

    I thought that Swarovski was going to alternate their annual ornaments between snowflakes and stars. So I am disappointed that this year seemed to be another star and not a snowflake. Some reviewers are calling it a "snowflake", but it looks like a star to me. Swarovski has a smaller ornament labeled 2016 Annual Edition Christmas Star, small" which looks just like it. So I would drop the rating to 3 stars for my disappointment in it not being a snowflake but will add a star for so many saying that it is "beautiful". Have not received them yet but I will be ordering my usual four for family and friends.