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Crosspaws Dog Training - Crosspaws offers top quality dog training and behaviour counselling with science and fun. Methods are based on the latest, scientific knowledge in dog behaviour and animal learning and are humane and non-confrontational. Private face-to-face training in Melbourne, Australia, as well as remote counselling.

  • http://www.crosspaws.com.au/dog-training Crosspaws Dog Training - Dog Training - Dog training means teaching your dog new skills or change how they feel about something. Modern dog training uses science-based and force-free methods.
  • http://www.crosspaws.com.au/behaviour-problems Crosspaws Dog Training - Behaviour Problems - Behaviour problems in dogs can range from a simple lack of skills to serious fear or aggression issues. Even minor problems should be addressed early to avoid bigger problems in the future.
  • http://www.crosspaws.com.au/puppies Crosspaws Dog Training - Puppies - Puppies need tons of socialisation and a positive start to life. Learn how you can give your puppy the best chance to become a happy dog who is a pleasure to have around.
  • http://www.crosspaws.com.au/senior-dogs Crosspaws Dog Training - Seniors - Senior dogs suffer from similar aging problems as humans. They need our special care and consideration.
  • http://www.crosspaws.com.au/fearful-dogs Crosspaws Dog Training - Fearful Dogs - Fear and anxiety is common amongst domestic dogs. Find out how you can help your dog, so they can have a better life and you don't struggle with behaviour problems.
  • http://www.crosspaws.com.au/aggressive-dogs Crosspaws Dog Training - Aggressive Dogs - Aggressive behaviour in dogs is not always what it seems. Find out about the types of aggression, the common warning signs and how to help your dog.

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