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  • kmichel - Good product, with some minor quirks.

    The BG1 is a good device, with some annoying quirks. I have been using it for about a year now, and have seen improvements over that time. I like that it is small and portable, and that all the data is stored on the cloud and analyzed on my iPhone. Since I always have my iPhone with me, I always have my meter too. Most of my complaints are with the quirky application, and the lousy batteries they provide with it when you purchase it.

  • firemarshallbob - sorry I ever bought I listen to it to much!!

    It sounded great and real and saw them this tour and we didnt hear as many songs , but thet always leave you with a felling you got your moneys worth , and I think these guys and band truly still love it.

  • MARK ALAN TRIMELONI - If this movie was the only thing that could save your life, you'd die a horrible death.

    If you turn down the volume and blacken the screen, this movie really isn't so bad. Definitely deserving of a low rating, but that's part of what lures people to watch it. All the horrible ratings made me want to take a look. I have no reason to complain. When you intentionally step in horse manure, you don't blame the animal. The premise is the only good thing about the movie. Now if we could get someone to film it. A few highlights. The tatoo owner vampire talks way too much with dialog even Pauley Shore wouldn't want to say. A razor blade that big isn't going to be eaten with the first piece of cake without someone noticing it's there. Also, unless the razor blade has been swallowed it's not going to kill you immediately. When someone slices a wrist, the blood doesn't streak across the veins like ketchup on a weiner. Putting fake white teeth into someone's mouth doesn't make them look like a vampire. I made it as far as the boxing match before calling it a day. When the coach said, "That's it." I knew the man was right.