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  • W. Laughlin - Works excellent and great support too

    I've been using Acronis True Image since 2010 to safely backup my data. When Windows 10 recently did a massive update, my 2013 version became no longer compatible, so I went ahead and upgraded to this 2016 version. I'd been wanting to upgrade anyway, so it wasn't a big deal to me. I ordered on a Friday and it was delivered on that Sunday, so great job Amazon on the delivery! It installed just fine and I registered the software too, which is always a good idea, because if you misplace your serial number, you can go the website and recover it.

  • Christine B - SHAVE ALL THE PLACES

    Ok so as a woman, I have never thought about shaving my face. I do wax my upper lip time to time but never thought about cleaning up the peach hairs around my face. I do not know why I hadn't done this sooner!! Its the best thing I have ever done. Not only does it bright up my face it also exfoliates my skin too. Better than any product has, such as clairsonic or clinique brushes. I even did my moms face and she LOVES it. Its been about a month and no hairs have fully grown back yet. This will not make your hair thicker contrary to old beliefs. If you have never done it, I'd say try it then thank me later haha

  • Kim Perry - One of the Best Things I've Ever Owned!

    The TubShroom works beautifully. Just remove the the drain cover in your tub, pop in the TubShroom and you're ready to use it. It's that simple. I've bought two of these so far - one for me and one for a friend. It truly does capture all the hair with every shower.

  • Mistermike - A major design flaw

    I have been living with this bag for 3 years, although it is well made the C130 has one major flaw which cannot be overlooked. With a full compliment of clubs and 6 balls the bag will tip over and fall forward when placed on level ground. This bag in my opinion was not designed properly therefore I would not recommend this Sun Mountain C130 cart bag.

  • Leif Ahlqvist - Lots of fun

    We bought this for our dinosaur loving 5 year old son. When we did it, I expected it to take a little longer and was worried that he would loose interest before it was done. It took the perfect amount of time. He worked together with his 7 year old sister on it, so I guess it was a little quicker than if he was alone. He LOVED it. So exciting finding the dinosaur bones. At the end they could assemble it also. It was a great activity for an afternoon.

  • mscheehean - Blood Finder

    The package arrived on time and in perfect condition. The light works perfectly and is bright enough for the intended job.

  • Todd Harmon - Great for weight lifting days not so good for cardio days

    It is expensive but does have a lot of ingredients in it if you want to keep it simple this is a good post work out shake for weight days.