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  • Shon R. Edwards - Horrible software!

    I have always had problems with Roxio products. With version 12 Pro, I had problems with it shutting down at 99% being finished, the VideoWave program or whatever it's called shutting down about 50% of the time on a project. When I would do it the second time or third it would finally work. At least it would backup 50 GB of info on a 50 GB Blu-ray blank. Now I tried it with NXT and it backed up 1.5 GB only and told me it was finished!!! I'm through with this product, but don't know where else to go because CyberLink Power2Go also has problems with backing up this data. They're both good for something but not good on the other hand. I don't know where to go now. Maybe back to 12 Pro; at least it backed up most of my 50 GB of data onto a Blu-ray.

  • ColoradoKatie - I would highly recommend this product for any woman who wants to eliminate ...

    I initially heard about Tinkle Eyebrow Razors through a YouTube video and knew I needed to try them. Instead of using this product for my eyebrows, I actually use it on my face to get rid of little peach fuzz hairs and it also works well as a gentle exfoliator, as it scraps away dead skin on the face.

  • S. Schmidt - Best applaince in my kitchen!

    I purchased the Mega Kitchen System in January, and I use it at least once nearly every day. I absolutely love it! It does everything I need it to do, and it does them well. I especially like the small bowl that fits inside the larger food processing bowl. It's perfect for chopping onions, garlic and herbs. It does this in seconds and saves me a ton of time when cooking dishes with multiple ingredients that need chopping. It chops everything uniformly, too. That feature determined which model of the system I chose to buy. Yes, it is noisy, but the motor is powerful, and you don't need to run it very long to do the job. And yes, the blades are sharp and you have to be careful to avoid cutting yourself. Duh. That's a given with any machine that uses blades, isn't it? After 3 months, I just called the company because the seal on the blender lid is deteriorating, apparently from the dishwasher, even though I always put it on the upper rack. When I talked to the rep, he said all parts are guaranteed to be dishwasher safe, so I'll be getting a new lid in 3-5 business days at no charge. It didn't matter that I bought it from Amazon, and I didn't need to prove when I bought it. I saw other comments on their website that indicated people got free replacement parts even when they were out of warranty. My impression is that this company stands behind its product, and the customer service was wonderful. I got this on Amazon for under $200 with free shipping. I considered Vita-Mix, but the cost was way too much, and I like the removable blades on the Ninja. They are easy to clean in the dishwasher. All in all, this was a great investment, and I use it more than any other kitchen appliance I own. Even if down the road I need to replace parts beyond warranty coverage, I'll still be hundreds of dollars ahead of the cost of a Vita-Mix.

  • Fernando - Great Clubs

    I recently bought this Item for my wife, she used to golf back in high school and we decided to get back into it. They were great the first time around, she easily got the hang of them. I even tried them myself just to see what they had, they are really light weight and easy to handle with the grips that it has. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that is a beginner or intermediate. the price was great too for the type of clubs they are.

  • Absolut Amazon - Super Easy!

    I got these for my Son, he has been wanted them since the neighbors got theirs last year. They are so simple, instant decoration! It would be nice if you could change the colors though. I was not paid to write this review; however, I received the product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All statements and opinions are strictly my own and in no way influenced by the seller or the fact that I received the product at a discount. I was given ample time to evaluate the product and under no pressure to review in less time than needed. Based on my experience, with the specific product I have received, I would recommend this product to family and friends. If any information in my initial review changes through the course of time, I intend to update the review to reflect any updates. I hope you found my review helpful and I welcome any questions to further assist.

  • Lisa O - Handy little face wash

    Great face wash for all skin types. I have very sensitive skin so I can first say that this face wash did not irritate my skin at all. It washed my face clean and I didn't feel overly dry afterwards like other facial cleansers. It didn't have any moisturizers in so I didn't give it five stars