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Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - A non-government organisation representing professional pharmaceutical societies from over 40 Commonwealth countries.

  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/ About The CPA | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA Objectives The purposes of the Association are to promote and disseminate the pharmaceutical sciences throughout the Commonwealth and to improve the
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/our-objectives/ Our Objectives | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - The purposes of the Association are to promote and disseminate the pharmaceutical sciences throughout the Commonwealth and to improve the quality and range of
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/cpa-executive/ CPA Executive | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA is managed by an Executive that meets every two years, before and after the Conference, and comprises of one member from each of six regions, elected
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/ Projects | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA is a pan-Commonwealth non-government organisation which, by its structure and focus, is able to harness the commitment and collaboration of people with
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/pharmaid/ Pharmaid | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - PharmAid is the annual re-distribution of recently outdated copies of the British National Formulary to pharmacists, doctors and other allied health
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/tb-fact-card/ TB Fact Card | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - This collaborative project between CPA, the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation, is being undertaken in
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/malaria-education/ Malaria Education | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - This is a collaborative project involving CPA, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). It is a consumer
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/projects/distance-learning/ Distance Learning | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - The Management of Pharmaceutical Supply CPA's course "The Management of Pharmaceutical Supply" is a distance learning program for all pharmacist and non
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/health-awareness-days/ Health Awareness Days | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Since 2003 CPA has produced advocacy materials for campaigns to mark International Awareness Days. Each event is designed as a stand-alone campaign focusing on
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/symposiums/ Symposiums | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Symposiums The interactive symposiums through audience participation, highlight the need for on-going awareness of issues and how pharmacists and national
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/membership-charter/ CPA Membership Charter | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Purpose The purpose of this Membership Charter to set out the principles governing membership of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA), the nature of
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/member-organisations/ Member Organisations | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - CPA Member Organisations Use the links below to find out more about our Member Organisations. If you represent one of these organisations, we offer the
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/cpa-history/ CPA History | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - A Brief History At a meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government in 1965 a decision was taken to encourage greater development of the professions and
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/about/cpa-conference/ CPA Conference | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - The CPA Conference held bi-annually acts as: a forum for the discussion and dissemination throughout the Commonwealth of information relating to the
  • http://www.commonwealthpharmacy.org/join-the-cpa/ Join The CPA | Commonwealth Pharmacists Association - Who We Are The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association is an organisation of Commonwealth professional pharmaceutical bodies and individual members, dedicated to

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    I can't say enough great things about this projector. I bought it a bit ago and was excited to set it up. I unveiled it at a cookout a had upon which I turned it on at the end of dusk and projected the amazing images upon the side of my house. My guests were quite entertained as they witnessed a hypnotic array of images dancing on my vinyl siding. The patterns are bright and vivid and the patterns and speed is variable with the use of the remote included. The intensity of the laser lights is incredible and were even visible when projected on the further tree line. I had even used it indoors at one point and was further impressed with the great show. The unit is easy to put together and is functional within minutes of taking it from the box. I have started using this at every social event that runs into the dark hours and I have had many people asking me where I got this. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and fair review of the item and I have found myself to be very happy with my purchase. If you have ever marveled at these amazing little light shows, this is a great one to purchase.

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    I actually used the 2004 edition of First Aid, but it doesn't change much from year to year. Here is what you need to know about how to ace the USMLE Step 1:

  • Kealohalani Morse - Bummed about bugs

    I had high hopes for this purchase. While shipping time and packaging were great, the product itself did not work the way it was advertised. Instructions state to wait at least 2 weeks to really noticed a diminished amount of insect activity. However, there was no decrease, there are still ants roaming freely in my kitchen and small roaches are still lurk in dark corners of the house. I have 4 children and would prefer not to use chemicals to treat for insects, but alas it looks as if this will be the case. I even bought 4 of these things to ensure the whole house was covered, and while this was a good idea in theory, the product did not work.

  • Martin - Not the best reception.

    This was easy to install and it looks great, however in the hills of West Virginia, it's not getting good reception - only toward the tops of the hills. I'm thinking about looking for another after-market antennae that is bigger and will get better reception. If you live in a flat area I could see this working great, but not in hilly areas.

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