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Welkom bij Columbus Concepts - Columbus Concepts is producent en groothandel van een zeer compleet en dus zeer gevarieerd assortiment Oosterse producten.

  • http://www.columbusconcepts.nl/nl/nieuws/item/325-kwaliteit-bij-columbus-concepts Kwaliteit bij Columbus Concepts - Columbus Concepts vindt het produceren van producten die voldoen aan de hoogst mogeliijke kwaliteit zeer belangrijk.Daarom heeft Columbus Concepts een...
  • http://www.columbusconcepts.nl/nl/nieuws/item/289-nieuw-zee-zout Nieuw! Zee Zout - Nieuw in ons assortiment zijn de verschillende soorten Zeezout! Met de diverse smaken Basilicum, Citroen, Champignon, Chili, Wijn & Peper is het Z...

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  • C. Morris - Works as it should

    Pretty simple - this works great for attaching my car seat to my BOB! Great way to use this with an infant until he or she can ride in it as normal.

  • PETERSON - Good time ahead

    I had a fading pimple that I tried and failed to pop. A day after using this mask, the acne mark had almost entirely disappeared. But the real reason I bought this was to control the wrinkles on my skin which I am confident will work. The fine lines around my lips are reduced noticeably just after the first use. I need to belittle patient and keep using it. Other part that I liked about this mask is the cotton fabric that is so soft and adheres to my face as if it was an integral part of my body. The moisture is so soothing. Once I take it off, I can feel the softness and the mirror glows with satisfaction. I have used it only once and I still got 9 more to go. I am sure the good time is ahead for me. Recommended.

  • Zihuatanejo - Cheeky company

    These guys have my purchased stored away in my adobe locker where they can clearly see what kind of purchase I have made and when and what I bought. However they leave out the place to download the product from. Apple snubbed these guys because they were a bunch of jerks most likely. After seeing they had hid the links I agree. I can buy software from a lot of companies that give me a link forever to what I bought from them.

  • Miranda BookWhore - Pretty good!

    A new series for my guilty pleasure. I like the descriptions of the Preor, very fantastical. The mating and claiming elements are interesting as well, the Knowing as it's called.

  • zagain - Excellent Unit

    I've had this unit installed for about 6 months now and so far it has been outstanding. My previous unit was the 1/3 HP InSinkErator Badger unit which was extremely loud and also prone to sticking. By the end of its life, I was having to use a hex wrench to free up the grinders constantly. This 3/4HP Evolution model is a bit larger (both taller and wider) than the 1/3 HP Badger, so you'll want to ensure you have adequate cabinet space to accommodate it. The unit is extremely quiet and very efficient when grinding.

  • Shell - Great Product

    It's a great product. I like the multiple computers for 2 years. It was a great price too. I would recommend this to my friends.