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  • Being a Pens - Pens Envy: A Pyschologist Recommends

    As a trained psychologist, I know there comes a time in every woman's life where she looks over at the man next to her and realizes she doesn't have his pens. This psychotextual trauma is unfortunately uncurable. That is, until now! Ladies, Freud was a Fraud! There IS hope, a cure for Pens Envy!

  • Dane Navarro - Nice print and illustrations

    I love the illustrations and how the pages are durable. Doesn't tear easily. The spiral version is hard to carry in your bag though.

  • S. D. Mayor - Avoid like the plague

    I wasn't able to get this software to work and it has turned out to be impossible to remove all traces of it from my computer.

  • gaye - unhappy

    i was unhappy with the product, it did not glide easily across my skin and it would not keep a charge

  • Devin Burnikel - Feeling Great!

    I do this cleanse at least once a year. It was a bit easier this time as my wife did it as well. We both lost 9-10 pounds. We are both normal weight, but do the purification to clean our systems. Giving up the coffee was the toughest for both of us, but after a few days it wasn't so bad. This system gets you in the habit to eat better long after the 21 days. I recommend it!