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  • douglas y. dinwiddie - Looks great!

    The stubby was easy to install, just screw it in. It looks great, and like everyone else has said my reception is much poorer. I listen to Pandora mainly and the 3 or 4 stations that still come in are enough for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Best Cookbook EVER!

    Another knockout cookbook. Delicious and healthy! I have served many of her recipes to guest and they had no idea it was also HEALTHY!

  • Humble Mech - I'll just say Amazing!

    SOY... That being said, make sure you do your research. Most of this is research I've done but if you just want my feelings on this product just scroll to the end and read the last 4 or 5 sentences. On with the review... Every single 1 star rating on this product is either because of taste or because there is Soy in it. I have also seen people crying about one of the ingredients being a plant that is basically the same as taking aspirin. I am a guy that likes to do research on stuff. I didn't do any research until after I started reading reviews. Kind of scared me by what people where saying. I'm a bigger guy so having man boobs would be catastrophic... LOL. I have read many articles on soy. Not only is it safe but there is nothings that says it will give you man boobs, in fact there are lots and lots of infants that can't handle cow milk so guess what they are given.. yep soy milk. There are also whole countries that soy of any kind is a staple that is used daily. I have found only one article that suggested soy was bad and that was about a guy that got enormous man boobs. When he when to the doctor they found out we was drinking a half gallon of soy milk a day and when they told him to stop, it fixed the problem. A half gallon... That is just crazy. Ok, now to the Aspirin thing. Have you ever researched aspirin and its medical benefits? Well, one of the biggest benefits is heart health. It has been proved to prevent heart attacks. In fact they say that is you think you are having a heart attack the first thing you should do is take an aspirin. It saves lives. Who would want that, especially in a natural form? Next, the taste. I agree, by itself this stuff is disgusting. I can't drink it by itself. I mix mine with diet green tea, OJ, crystal light and sometimes I put it in my Protein shakes if I'm using a berry flavored one. When I mix it with a drink that tastes good already, the greens make them taste even better! I prefer the berry to the orange but they work the same for me. I am NOT a rep for it works and I would never buy them off of amazon. The reason the company wants you to drink 8 cups of water is multi-fold I suppose. First off it is just good practice and very healthy to drink at least 8 cups or 64oz of water a day. Not only does it keep you hydrated but is also helps keep you regular and help keep you from getting constipated especially if you are taking in tons of protein. It help clear toxin out of your body and helps keep your kidneys healthy. Some ways that I know the greens have been working for me and helping me detox are; This is probably TMI but the way my urine smells and how my sweat smells and feels. I went thru a detox diet a couple of years ago that was given to me by a doctor and a nutritionist. That is the first thing they told me would happen. My pee would smell a little weird and that was because of what the detox is flushing from your system. The next one would be sweat. I sweat a lot when I'm taking my Greens. The other side affect of the Dr. guided detox I was on was my sweating. Your body sends toxins out with your urine and it send it out when you sweat. When I was on the Medical Detox and when I take the Greens the sweat is the same. It doesn't feel like when you are sweating when you are working out. The sweat when your body is going thru a detox has an almost oily feel to it and it smells different. Sounds gross but it feels great. Before I started taking Greens my hands were swollen every day and after I ate a meal I would feel bloated for hours. Since I've been taking them I have more energy, my hands aren't swollen, and the bloating doesn't happen any more. I also feel heather all around. Other people can say what they want but that will never take away how I physically feel.

  • Sunlight_Morn - Cured my dog of AIHA

    My dog was diagnosed with Autoimmune hemolytic anemia - AIHA. She was placed on immuran and prednisone. I placed her on transfer factor along with it. After a week her PCV rose to the normal range. The Vets told me that she would always be on immuran and prednisone for the rest of her life. After 6 months I slowly weaned her off immuran, and prednisone.(important to go very slow) and kept her on the transfer factor. That was in 2005. It's the last evening in 2012 as I write this and my dog is still with me and never had another relapse. I recommend this for canines and felines. Make sure you look up the info for pets online ( shirleyswellness dot com ) is a great research resource for humans and animals. Excellent product.

  • hondciv - Developed Red Tint on Left Side-Just After One Year

    I purchased this monitor in July 2013. This was monitor was beautiful for the first year. A month after the one year mark, the left side of the screen developed a red/pink tint all of a sudden while I was using it. Now I have to send the monitor in for RMA and hope that it is covered under warranty.