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  • HaroldnCA - Disappointed Uber Driver

    Very disappointed in these floor mats. I'm an Uber driver and I bought these floor mats to protect my car from all the filth that is tracked by countless people getting in and out of my car. The material is thin and flimsy. The back floor mats slide around. They do not grip the carpet in any way so they are constantly pushed up under the back seat. The fact that they are molded to fit the floor is nice but because the material is thin and it slides...they are constantly moved out of place and the plastic ends up getting bent and misshaped. Very unfortunate. I expected much better for spending almost $200.

  • A. Kieft - The best purchase we ever made for our son.

    Seriously, this item is the single best thing we bought for our child. It works great for traveling, you never have to worry about having a place for your child to sit. Any restaurant, any countertop, any solid surface table, this chair works. It is always with us when we travel, works great for visiting relatives because it can attach to their dinner table or counter. At restaurants, you don't have to worry about having your child sit in a high-chair that hasn't been cleaned from the previous 10 kids all used without being cleaned and this chair is machine washable.

  • elsie - Noticeable difference after only 1 use!

    I LOVE, repeat LOVE this moisturizer. I had noticed my skin breaking out more and more often and being 40 just did not think this should be, especially as I have never been prone to breaking out, even as a teen. Since I had been using the same line of skin care product for 20 years, I decided that my 40 year old skin was not the same as my 20 year old skin and that I needed to make a change. I bought the Perricone pore cleanser and this day cream and I noticed a HUGE difference in the overall appearance of my skin after just one use. After three days, the only thing left of my rashy breakout areas was a little patchy dry skin and now after five days my skin is as smooth and clear as a baby's bottom! I do not think I will ever buy from another skin care line. These products are awesome!

  • Chana_S - I have several of different sizes and brands...

    This is probably my favorite mat. I have several of different sizes and brands, including replace the E in Elf to O and add an A, and the chipmunk brand... Now if I could only find a table that is 37ish" long!!!!! (Mat size + at least an inch for the edge)

  • Monica - Perfect!

    I got the blue with dots fitted sheet for my pottery barn mattress pad that is 30.5"x15.75"x2", and it fitted perfect!!! I love the fabric although it wasn't blue with white dots, the dots were actually brown ish, it doesn't matter because it's a great fit for my bassinet and there's more colors to choose from at a great price too...also it came earlier than expected