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  • piginspandex - Fantastic Product, Even Better Customer Service!

    So...I had written a review a few months ago complaining that the stroller was amazing while it lasted but that it gave out after a few months. I finally got around to calling Uppababy and I could not be more impressed or amazed at their customer service. For one thing, somebody picked up IMMEDIATELY (how great to talk to a human and not have to go through a maze of "Press 1 for blah, Press 4 for blah") and the lady, Julie, was incredibly helpful. It turns out mine had been from a small batch of strollers that had a defective latch and that, since I had been stupid and forgotten to register it, they weren't able to inform me of it. They are sending me a brand new stroller (without a defective latch this time!), and I couldn't be more delighted because when I had it and it worked it was the lightest, easiest, most maneuverable stroller I have ever owned, and I was crushed when it broke.

  • Zews75 - 2015 Chevy Silverado Z71 4x4

    If your looking to make your truck look like a 4x4 that it is supposed to be I highly recommend this product. Was able to install it in less than 2 hours doing both front and back lifts. The truck still rides like it did from the factory. Very well manufactured for a precise fit.