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  • Barb - Great addition to series

    Safe from Harm by Kate Serine is the 2nd book in her exciting Protect and Serve series. I enjoyed the first book by Serine, and Safe from Harm is even better. Gabe Dawson is our hero, and a sexy hunk who is known to be a love and leave them type. Gabe comes from a law enforcement family, with members of the police force or the FBI.

  • John Evenson - Have not had the chance to try this out yet ...

    Have not had the chance to try this out yet, but bought for my sister with many stomach issues. With the reviews on this product, very anxious to try it out. Thank you!

  • Starboard Home - Bogus, nothing to do with the HGC diet.

    It even states "hormone free". I bought them and wish I could return them. Nothing but a few minerals mixed with sugar water, with a tad of rose water for effect. Don't waste your money. It's unfortunate that Amazon gives these as a first hit when searching for HGC, can't figure out why since there is NO HGC in these. If you follow a 500-800/day low carb/low fat diet, you'll loose weight, just not the one to two pounds a day a true HGC diet can produce. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this, it's just a placebo.


    Taxes completed.........did not come with necessary letters/numbers to transmit my return....cannot find anyone to be able to get answers........was downloaded on line....never will I ever do this again. Now it is asking I pay 9.95 per tax transmittal>>>>>>???????I have always used H R Block to file my taxes and this has NEVER occurred before now!!!!

  • ATKW - WARNING! Definitely NOT for Lactose Intolerant. Need to take lactase enzyme. Otherwise a decent protein.

    Despite what some reviewers here say, as far as I am concerned this is NOT for lactose intolerant people. I actually wonder if some of the folks that say they are lactose intolerant, actually are. Maybe they are not! Haha!

  • mae29 - SO quiet, like a baby sleeping...

    Good fit for wide noses that need to be opened for a quiet night's sleep. Strips do not peel up with perspiration nor do they leave the skin raw upon removal. Wearer thinks he sleeps more soundly while wearing Breathe Right.

  • Jimmy K. Edington - good deal

    great value , perfect fit and looks great. little trickey when installing , there is different screws for each holes.