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Albuquerque Counseling - Christian Counseling New Mexico | Christian Counseling Professionals, LLC - We utilize a “Client-Centered-Care” therapy model for counseling which means we highly encourage active participation from the client and their families in the counseling process.

  • https://www.christiancounselingprofessionalsnm.com/services/ Solutions to Behavioral and Emotional Problems - Counseling Services | Christian Counseling Professionals, LLC - Christian Counseling Professionals is a full-service, multi-specialty behavioral health care clinic. We are staffed with licensed, experienced therapists with expertise in treating emotional and behavioral problems.
  • https://www.christiancounselingprofessionalsnm.com/services/conflict-resolution/ Manage Conflict - Faith Based Conflict Resolution | Christian Counseling Professionals, LLC - We all manage conflict as we navigate throughout our daily lives. Sometimes, however, we face conflicts that we need help resolving. These may be difficulties at home, with your spouse or children, that could destroy the fabric of your family, or at work, with a coworker or boss that impact your ability to do your job.

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  • Lynne Michaels - Greying hair frizzies

    Just got this at CVS but will by from Amazon in the future. My hair is long, fine. wavy and greying. As it gets more grey it get more coarse and unmanageable. Combing it after shampoo was agony and nearly impossible so I washed and combed less.

  • OnlineShopHopper - Save your money for a different version or different program altogether

    The product has good stuff in it, but no way of delivering the content. I don't know if this is because Rosetta Stone has litigation or copy write protection on lesson delivery, but this program lacks NO LESSONS. It just throws you in with a bunch of words from different categories. No rhyme or reason. I spent an hour exploring the categories and looking over the vocabulary - the vocabulary is extensive but the soft ware lacks a proper delivery method. It also has a poor tracking system for your progress. I would say use free software before committing to this. Or save up the money for a better version if there is one. The DVD is just okay as well. No serious commitment.

  • T. Nguyen - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK

    Do not buy this book!!! I bought it to prepare myself for the CPC exam. Guess what, it does not have the answers to the quizzes and exams in the book. You must be an instructor to get the answers. This is the first time I bought a review manual without the answers. Of course they did not inform you of this. Idiots!!!! The Official CPC Certification Study Guide by AAPC (ISBN 978-1-133-78894-2) is a much better buy.

  • Joseph Diosana - Finally some sensible information

    My dad passed from high blood pressure and diabetes. My mom is in a nursing home with diabetes and alzheimer's. Naturally, my sisters and I worry about the effects of all those on our lives. I also know that my body responds poorly to pharm drugs through side effects. I am ADHD and am treating it with the simple things in life (good food, exercise and sleep). Too funny... it is in the simple things only ;-)

  • Amazon Customer - If you have eye floaters, try this product.

    These are definitely worth a try for eye floaters. I have two dark floaters in the peripheral vision of both eyes, and web-like floaters smack in the middle of my field of vision that are very noticeable when working at a computer and when reading anything on a white background. I have taken about half of my first bottle (90 count) of this product and am already noticing a substantial diminishing of the dark floaters in the peripheral field and the wispy floaters in the center of my visual field are now extremely faint and barely noticeable at all. Highly recommend giving this product a try.

  • Victoria Burke - Helps add a little special treat in lunch boxes easier and more convenient

    Awesome selection of snacks that make adding something special in my son's lunch box easy. Plus it is more convenient to just toss a bag of one of these in his lunch box than putting it in a container that he will most likely throw away.