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  • TraDionne - I need some Serenity!

    Great intro to a the Serenity Series! I am a Fan Olivia Gaines,, and she never disappoints. The man had a vision, and the means to make it happen. Great story. I am lookin forward to reading the whole series.

  • Jessica Walz - Decent set of M15 & Theros block cards

    I bought this mainly for the four booster packs--unlike other reviewers, however, my toolkit came with a booster each of M15, Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey into Nyx (rather than the Dragon's Maze pack I thought it would include, but I'm certainly not complaining!). The 100 included lands are also well worth it for a casual player like myself, and there were a few decent rares included in the set also. The M15 cards included are strikingly similar to (if not the same as) the M14 cards included with the previous year's toolkit, hence the docked star.

  • Candi Bailey - Really Love it

    Hot Stuff really love playing the house of fun.They have some good game on there site. But they don't let you win no bonus they have it fixed so you have to buy chips and never win.

  • Richard Paloma - It Works

    The courses were well paced and very comprehendible. It worked so well I've moved to Edition II and can see myself continuing to Level III

  • John and Melissa Robbins - Highly effective

    This stuff is absolutely amazing. We had tried other traps with bait in them, but they were not very effective. It seemed like the roaches knew to stay clear of them maybe from previous experience. But with this paste, we could put it in more places that the other traps couldn't be without being an eyesore. I had to replace the paste in a few areas every couple days due to it being eaten so fast. We had many dead roaches within the first week and after that, we saw very few, if any, roaches for the rest of the time we were in the house. We checked and reapplied as necessary every month after, but it was a very easy process. We will definitely buy again if we find we have another roach problem at another place. Also note that this tube will go a long way which makes it one of the most economical options out there as well.

  • Cherie J. Hepburn - Good product

    Isagenix is not bad and I've used their products for a few years. However, common sense needed before using any product or program. If you do a cleans for nine days on anything, you will lose weight, it will come back when you resume your normal habits. People must eat to survive. The consumption of the right foods throughout the day with even moderate exercise will result in weight lose, you just need to find out what the right foods are for you. Isagenix comes in handy when real food is not available or inappropriate for the situation, like in the middle of a meeting.

  • Lynnette Stephens - don't waste your money

    Dose not work, followed all the directions to a T. don't waste your money, I failed. Only good thing, was it did have a money back garrentee.