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  • Bradley - Best lightweight umbrella stroller ever!!

    I bought this to take on a Disney Cruise for our 3 year-old and it has been our go-to stroller for everything! Super light and easy to carry around, and the stroller itself seems to be comfy for my daughter. I love the higher handles and it's really pretty easy to maneuver. The basket underneath is nice-sized. I also love that it holds older, bigger kids. Really nothing negative to say about this stroller. Well worth the money to get something nice like this instead of a cheap umbrella stroller that is uncomfortable for the child and for the person pushing.

  • Arlene Jacks - A Must Read!

    "They're Playing Our Song" had me hooked from the first paragraph! I finished it within a day and a half because I couldn't put it down. Carole Bayer Sager's honest and heartfelt memoir was full of stories and anecdotes about her life in front of and behind the scenes as one of America's most prolific songwriters - each one of them a complete surprise to everyone out there who is unaware of what life is really like outside of the spotlight. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a touching and informative read.

  • Stephanie - Wonderful starter pack for essential oil newbies!

    I am a newbie to the world of essential oils, and I wasn't entirely sure what scents I would like. That's why I was looking for some kind of variety pack to test out. I came across this Kis Essential Oil Gift Set, and decided to give it a try.

  • Bill J - It cut fine BUT would not turn off no matter where the ...

    Dangerous? YES. Quality? Not too much. The unit arrived promptly but when I opened the box there was no wrench for the wheel lock-nut. What was included was a hex / allen wrench which fit nothing at all on the unit. I was able to use a universal wrench I had in my toolbox. I loaded a disc and started my first cut. It cut fine BUT would not turn off no matter where the switch was placed!! Yes, it does have a "Lock-in-the-ON-Position" switch option but moving it deliberately to "OFF" left the motor running full out. I had to pull the plug in order to stop the grinder. My curiosity got the best of me and I tore it down to find the switch was binding. A machine such as this should never go out to a customer with this condition. Are these defective "Seconds" being sold?

  • Rachel - HORRIBLE!

    This suck really sucks!!!...Sometimes they put something up there other then what you said and you end up getting a 0. For example they asked "name a type of omlet" I said bacon. They said I said egg white which is stupid I would of never said that so of course I got a 0. Then they will say "no" that's not the answer and it was up there! For example. The question was name a state that you'd go skiing. I said Utah and it was liek booomp with the stupid buzzer and when they revealed the answer it WAS Utah!...Also the game is slow as hell!

  • C. Coff - Was hoping for more.

    I had a rough start to my nursing relationship and due to that I've been plagued with a lower/just enough supply. I have tried EVERYTHING to increase it and have never really seen a difference. I heard about this supplement and figured at this price point it must work well. I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought it and hoped it would work out. The first day I took it I noticed my breasts feeling warmer and hoped it was a good sign. I proceeded to use it for a week and then added in a pumping session since I normally just nurse. I saw about a .5oz increase total. Not what I was looking for or hoping for but I have kept trucking on with it. I think I'm someone who just has low supply and thats all there is to it. These pills also would get stuck easily since you are supposed to take with minimal water and then would leave a terrible taste when you would burb (tmi?) later on. I also had to set an alarm for 15min before taking the pill to make sure I didn't have any water and then also set one after to make sure I didn't have any and that was a pain.

  • Desiree - I just took my test today. Sadly I only ...

    I just took my test today. Sadly I only bought one box when I should have bought two since I have very long hair. 4 days before the test I started using vinger, clean & clear, tide, and tgel shampoo. Used those twice a day. Today before the test I used zydot. Fingers crossed I pass, but I am still freaking out rereading all the reviews and just hoping I pass....FYI very heavy smoker for 15yrs!!! If I pass I'll leave another review!!