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  • Nickib1981 - Hallucinations

    I have trouble sleeping and had high hopes for this product, instead I tossed and turned all night woke up from bad dreams and was seeing things that weren't there. Definitely won't take or suggest this product to anyone. Not worth the $

  • hbthemik - Timbuk2 small classic for a college student

    I just wanted to mention about the particular size of the bag I bought (small) since it was the hardest part for me when I was buying..

  • Mark - Tested car wash safe. 2015 GMC Canyon

    Tested car wash safe. Can't tell if I lost reception or not, we have such poor coverage in the interior of Alaska that I've grown used to losing reception anytime you leave a populated area. Looks great on my 2015 GMC Canyon and I’m now able to use drive through car washes without having to climb into the bed to remove the factory antenna.

  • Spitball - Great product...great price.

    I bought the most expensive water filter last time and it doesn't compare as far as value and performance. This will be my only purchase when I need a water filter.

  • Michael P. - A miracle of modern science...despite the price!

    I hate cold sores. I HATE them. I hate them with such unbridled fury and passion that if I were to be judged at the time of my death, and the subject of my blistering hatred came up(no pun intended), Heaven wouldn't want me, and Hell would just plain fear me. But after so many years of putting up with this plague, there is a solution.

  • BruceWayne305 - Not for Tile in large Condos.

    If you have loose or hollow tiles in a large building this will do nothing; I went through 10 tubes on 1 tile.

  • m kelly - Leaves my hair manageabke and soft

    This product smalls so good and it leaves my hair feeling super silky soft and it is very manageable. Usua;;y my hair tangles easily and is difficult to brush, espcially when it is wet. After using this product my hair is not near as tangles as i am used to and the brush just glides right through the tangles that are there. It makes my hair way less frizzy and gives it a nice shine. I received this product t a discount in exchange for my honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion or review of the item. I would recommend this product