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  • Molly G - It will take more than a week...

    I read a review where someone took this product for a week or two and saw no results, but as our cycle takes a full month to complete it is going to take longer for herbs such this to have an effect on your hormones. I have been taking this product for three months and have seen some improvement. I am giving it 3 more and then will take a break.

  • Charles L. Arnold - good for warm weather

    I needed rain gear for warm weather. My Bean parka was too hot in summer. Friends who jog had raved about breathable rain wear, but I had never tried it. This jacket is nice and packable. This vendor had the best price and delivered quickly. Keep in mind, this costs more than the yellow raincoat of childhood. After the glorious reviews, this jacket is a little stuffy, but better for summer than my parka, and much less stuffy than an army surplus poncho.

  • Cindy B - and according to the reviews this is supposed to be just like it but cheaper

    I bought this cleanser because I currently use Wen, and according to the reviews this is supposed to be just like it but cheaper. I don't agree, YES it's similar, but the bottle is smaller, and I have to use MUCH more product to get any sort of similar results. Wouldn't purchase again.