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Canadian Cancer Society in Saskatchewan - THE CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY IS FIGHTING FOR LIFE. The Canadian Cancer Society saves lives. The Canadian Cancer Society has more impact against more cancers in more communities than any other charitable organization in Canada. Funds raised by donors and volunteers allow us to LEAD cancer research to better prevent cancer, INFLUENCE public policy for quality cancer care everywhere in Canada, FOCUS support programs on patients/caregivers’ greatest needs and ENGAGE more Canadians in the fight against cancers.

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  • Aldo Cella - The Ryman concert has some of the best video performances

    The Ryman concert has some of the best video performances. When a venue is designed for music and the recording is done by pros the results are much better. Assuming you are a Ringo-All Starr Band fan, you will be happy you bought this.

  • senJHong - Affordable yet complete package.

    Wanted to get into Bass Fishing after doing Carp/Cat fishing for awhile. Wanted something affordable and easy to use. This is my third KastKing reel. First one i got was the Royale Legend with a Abu Garcia Vengeance. Second one Got the Stealth Carbon with Fenwick HMX.

  • Robert Melbye - The TV's are good quality (usually), but apparently their customer service is the worst.

    I see a number of customers here had a lot of trouble with their tv's. I must have been lucky. I've had mine for over 2 years now, and , the only problem to report is a lack of input codes for universal remotes, as their remote for this model is junk.

  • wileric - Terrible Installation Support

    Ordered with Payroll which was almost impossible to install. When you try to get answers from Quickbooks on Payroll, it must be a separate company. You chase your tail being referred from one technical specialist to another. No documentation except a fold out sheet comes with the software and you can't get an on-line manual. They evidently want you to purchase tech services. In fact, that seems to be their focus. The purchased software could not be convinced that we did not want to buy "on-line services" and kept asking us to ok these services. Click no would only cause the system to go blank. This was purchased because we had used Quickbooks with Payroll several years ago. Evidently with all of the additions, they spoiled a good program. Very disappointed.

  • jmanzgroup - Webroot is a bad product.

    I have a paid version of Webroot but it just doesn't work. I won't launch, let alone perform the tasks assigned. Do NOT purchase this product.

  • Amazon Luv - Feel the Tingle

    Very nice, Locs are silky and have more life and are moisterized for a change! I will never use low end shampoos and conditioners on my babies again. Nor will buy into not washing regularly and conditioning my locs. I was just tired of my hair regimen consisting of salad bar prepping. Never again will I put unnecessary products and foodstuffs on my Locs after using this product (...Damian Walter System and no I do not know him just saw his helpful videos and took the challenge). This stuff is the truth!