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  • Chelsea Smith - He loves it!!!

    This cologne was a birthday gift for my brother. He had been in search of it for a long time so I decided to look for it here and I found it. He was so surprised and happy! Didn't take long to get here either:)

  • Author of S.H.Y. - Ethnic Hair Be Mindful

    Ok so they get you with the wording of what this hair straightener does: it does straighten your hair but you're definitely going to need to go over it with a flat iron.

  • Manny - Recommended

    I love this album. I think this is the album that J. Cole really wanted to come out with when he first started, but like he said before he had to "play the game to change the game".

  • Delaina N. Baker - This product did not work and was not effective. ...

    This product did not work and was not effective. In fact I felt more bloated then a cleanse. I was hoping to get a cleanse and feel healthier and lighter before my wedding, but this product did not work at all.

  • GravityJones - Long have I sought this cable

    Once in ten thousand years, they say, an eclipse blots out the rising sun in the house of Ophiuchus. On that dark dawn, light a candle made from the tallow of a pure black ram, take the AudioQuest K2 terminated speaker cable in your left hand, connect your bookshelf speakers to your hi-fi, and listen--the voices of the dead, some say, will whisper their dreadful secrets in stereo. Or, some say, you will hear God Himself speak the unspeakable Word at around the 80Hz range. One legend holds that the speakers shall ring forth with nothing but the terrible, terrible silence of an empty Cosmos. Who among us can know? And just look at those savings!

  • negelle - i love it

    My Husband and I purchased this leap pad learning tablet for our daughter's fifth birthday and she loves it her exact words were "mummy & daddy this is awesome"