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Cattery van de Reinaertstede - Cattery van de Reinaertstede fokt Brits korthaar in Destelbergen. Regelmatig kittens te koop!

  • http://www.catteryvandereinaertstede.be/hoe-het-allemaal-begon/ Hoe het begon | Cattery van de Reinaertstede - Hoe & waarom Cattery van de Reinaertstede begon met fokken (in Destelbergen)
  • http://www.catteryvandereinaertstede.be/contact/ Contact | Cattery van de Reinaertstede - Contacteer Romy Coomans van Cattery van de Reinaertstede (Destelbergen) voor meer informatie in verband met kittens.

    Country:, Europe, DK

    City: 12.5655 Capital Region, Denmark

  • azasadny - Worst. Software. Ever.

    I bought this "upgrade" from Nero 2012 today and found so many issues and bugs that I cannot even list them all. I've sent am email to Nero's tech support, asking for a refund but I do not expect that to end well.

  • Calvin. C - Excellent - but a bit text-book ish

    Jason Kelly's book should be served as a good starting guide for anyone who's serious about investing.

  • Larry Christofaro - Best book I've read on Project 2010

    Over the years, I've read a lot of books and training manuals for Microsoft Project. This is the first book to really capture the essence of what it takes to manage projects. Most books teach features, which this does as well. However, the big difference with Eric's book is the way it identifies how and when to apply the fundamentals and techniques of Microsoft Project 2010 to be successful. The book is well structured and provides a unique combination of features and philosophy for managing projects using Microsoft Project 2010.

  • Donna Lipsey - My concern is how do you know what you receive ...

    My concern is how do you know what you receive is the actual product you ordered. There is no packing information or information about the product. Sealed bag with powder substance which I hope is what I ordered. I'm hesitant to use it in my home.

  • Poodlemom - Surprisingly effective!

    I was amazed at how effective this product has been for my dog. She is a Standard Poodle with some significant anxiety issues, especially with thunderstorms, changes in routine, etc. Medicine and herbs made her sick, attention from us made her worse, and her hiding behavior was becoming more and more destructive, as she was hiding behind the furniture, cabinets, tv stand, etc. and turning them over in her panic. The very first time I put the thundershirt on her she calmed down significantly. Her pacing and whining stopped, and she tried to hide less. The next time she wore it was during a storm and she stretched out on the couch and went to sleep! As far as Chloe and I are concerned, this wrap is nothing short of a miracle. I'm ordering 2 more for my other two poodles to see if it will help keep them calmer when we have company. I definitely recommend this item to all dog owners.

  • Amazon Customer - Great for everyone!

    I love using Stone Crop during the initial cleanse during a facial (I am an Esthetician). It has something for everyone. It is a great well-rounded cleanser. It has antibacterial properties for those of us who are acne prone; hydrating properties for the dry skinned folks; lightening properties for hyperpigmentation (sun spots, etc.); and great ingredients for those concerned with aging skin, as well as sensitive skin. No matter your skin type its a great cleanser. I highly recommend it for morning cleansing, it isn't harsh and the smell is so clean its a nice scent to wake up to!

  • Roy Carter - Awesome!

    That's it, just awesome. It tastes awesome. It mixes awesome. And it doesn't mess with my stomach. Awesome!