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Cátedras en Red - Cátedras en Red tiene el objetivo de mejorar la docencia, investigación, difusión en el ámbito sanitario, centrándose en analizar y explorar.

  • http://www.catedrasenred.es/aviso-legal Aviso Legal | Cátedras en Red - 1. INTRODUCCIÓN Y DATOS DE LA COMPAÑÍAEl presente texto se constituye como el Aviso Legal de la Web propiedad de CATEDRAS EN RED (en adelante, CER), ubicada en la URL www.catedrasenred.es.CER es una entidad cuyo domicilio social se encuentra en Tulipán s/n, 28933, Móstoles, Madrid con CIF: Q2803011B.

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    City: -3.684 , Spain

  • JDang - I wish there was a refund policy for downloaded software - doesn't even deserve 1 star

    I'm a very Excel / financial savvy person but have never used accounting software before. When I downloaded QB at first I thought the navigation wasn't so straightforward, so I took some time going through their guides / some videos on the web. When I finally started using it, a lot of things just didn't work. I even made an appt with my accountant to get a tutorial. He uses QB for PC and was pretty surprised at the things that couldn't be done in QB for Mac, like importing an Excel or CSV file. It's important functionality like this that is missing. Plus, every time I tried to set up web connect, it just was giving me error messages from both banks I use. When I connect those bank accounts with online accounting software, there is no problem. All in all, I've decided to not use QB and just use an online accounting software. I am liking Wave Accounting best so far. I'd recommend it to other Mac users that are frustrated with the QB for Macs experience. I'm a small biz owner so annoyed that I spent $150 on something that was completely not useful and wasted hours of my time.

  • Lin Holcomb - worked for a short period of time. I completed ...

    worked for a short period of time. I completed the process exactly as stated on the bottle and I does work for some people, in my case on a 2002 Jeep Liberty it reduced the leaking head gasket, but I still get miss fires and coolant smell.

  • Ellen M. - It worked - but just as the other products with ...

    It worked - but just as the other products with the same claims, your lashes get short as soon as you stop using it!

  • Victor M. Gomez - Great Bag!!!

    I just received my bag and put all my electronic equipment I'm planning to take to HAWAII this month. I had been looking for a bag to put my new IPAD 3G. After looking for 3 weeks I decided on this bag. I am not sorry I did. It looks and feels like it can last 10 to 15 years. My IPAD fits snugly in the inner pocket and I have more room to put other items. Just to give you an idea of the space in this bag, I was able to put my IPAD, an Ipod touch and Iphone 3gs, 3 Kidz Gear wired headphones, 5 passports, my Lumix DMC-FX500s, wallet, keys and IPAD SD/USB adapters. I was debating between getting this one or the Timbuk2 Freestyle netbook messenger. The differences between the two was that the latter had a cushioned pocket for the IPAD and a short shoulder strap. Upon first hand inspection, I was glad I selected this one. My IPAD fits nicely into the sleeve pocket now with the Apple Case. If I had purchased the netbook bag, that extra cushion would probably not allow me to put the IPAD with its case or any other case for that matter. In addition, my classic bag has a two features I am very happy with. The Cam buckle shoulder strap gives me enough space to cross the strap on the opposite shoulder and the new slash pocket on the front flap sold me. If you are looking for a well made, perfect bag for the IPAD look no further!!!

  • JayeJ. - Controls cravings

    I mainly use this to control what seems to be an unquenchable appetite. Admittedly my relationship with food is not the most healthy~ I'm the definition of an emotional eater (stress, boredom, happiness, any excuse). However, I am not overweight by any means and I had a fairly active lifestyle. I eat healthy but in large portions and would get hungry again right afterwards. Now that I sit at a desk for 12 hrs/day, but my appetite remained the same, I started noticing myself putting on a few extra lbs. When I used it as directed (at full strength of 3 before each meal), it really helped me to feel full more quickly and during the time between meals, I was less inclined to have cravings. Before I realized it, I was naturally eating smaller portions. Also, I HAD ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. In the category of diet pills, that is a HUGE plus! When I took hydroxycut I would feel nauseous and thought my heart would pound out of my chest. So, how much weight did I lose from Garcinia Cambogia? 5 lbs this past month! I'm pretty happy with that. Slow and steady and permanent (as opposed to water weight). I believe I could have lost more but I was very inconsistent with the pills in the beginning and because I have a very erratic eating schedule, but no matter due to Nature Wise's complementary bottle!

  • C. Messina - Intuit Rip Off!

    Pass on this rip off from Intuit! When you purchase software that says you can create invoices and then only allows you 30 days to make corrections and then charges you $10 each time you make a change, thats a RIP OFF!