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Caring Online | Eating Disorder News and Resources - Eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, include extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues

  • http://www.caringonline.com/get-help-now/ Get Help Now | Caring Online - For more than 30 years, The Center • A Place of HOPE has helped thousands overcome their eating disorders The Center • A Place of HOPE's unique whole-person
  • http://www.caringonline.com/get-help-now/clinics/ Clinics | Caring Online - Please take advantage of one of these Clinics or Treatment Centers so that you may gain victory over anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive overeating,
  • http://www.caringonline.com/the-link-between-hypoglycemia-and-depression/ The Link Between Hypoglycemia and Depression | Caring Online - Hypoglycemia is more commonly known as low blood sugar or the "sugar blues." The body's main source of fuel is glucose, which is a form of sugar.
  • http://www.caringonline.com/make-vibrant-health-your-goal/ Make Vibrant Health Your Goal | Caring Online - In the past, you have spent a good deal of time focusing on how your body looks from the outside. Now it's time to look at your body from the inside.
  • http://www.caringonline.com/are-you-living-in-the-yellow-zone-of-depression/ The Yellow Zone of Depression | Caring Online - Depression is a condition marked by three characteristics: frequency, severity, and duration.
  • http://www.caringonline.com/signs-that-you-are-stressed/ Signs That You Are Stressed | Caring Online - Consider the following questions and whether you’re experiencing any of the following signs of a stress-filled life:

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  • Brenda B - Exactly what I wanted

    I purchased this for travel and it works great! Some hotels do not have coffee pots, or real coffee for that matter. So I take this along with some coffee from home...and voila...a perfect cup every time.

  • Amazon Customer - Little help for intermediate or advanced students

    Greatest value is in the practice tests. This is LSAT prep on training wheels. It wastes too much time with basics and is of virtually zero help to anyone trying to move from a good to very good score. The logic games section in particular is very poorly organized. Rather than training with complete logic games, they provide several consecutive introductions with no notes on which page to jump to for the further questions in the set. You either have to reproduce your set-up many times as you work through the book, or use their's, which defeats the purpose of practice.

  • Longhorn_sparky - THIS is what I've been looking for!

    After years of trying everything in order to relieve symptoms of chronic fatigue and depression, I FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER. And I'd tried everything: diet, exercise, supplements, cleanses, zapping, you name it... What's funny is that for the last few years I've had an unexplainable urge to dig holes in the yard, which I've indulged freely since there's plenty of yard. Apparently, my body needed electrons and by digging holes, I was fulfilling a need that my conscious mind was completely unaware of! I love the premise of the book, that the earth is one big magnet with an infinite supply of free electrons. And because they are free, no pharmaceutical company or other corporate entity can profit from the infinite supply directly below our feet. After sleeping grounded for a couple of weeks now, my fatigue is lessoned, the bags under my eyes are gone, and I don't feel the need to crash on the couch at the end of the day. I'm having the most amazing technicolor dreams again, just like 20 years ago. Thank you, Ober, Sinatra, and Zucker for writing this book!