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  • Wendy Smith - So far, so good, works as it should.

    So far, this wine pump has worked quite well. As a test, I bought a bottle of cabernet and drank about 1/4 cup of it daily over the course of around 10 days. Sometimes, I left the stopper in for 2 days. It was apparent each time I opened it that the vacuum had been maintained by the stopper.

  • Kevin Neville - Thank God for the energy star! This baby saves ...

    Thank God for the energy star! This baby saves $55 a year! It will pay for itself in less than a lifetime!!!

  • M.Pitcher - but she wasn't interested in any of it (she was on Royal Canin kibble for about 3 years prior to all this but always enjoyed wet

    My little chihuahua/terrier mix was suffering from chronic erosive gastritis - cause unknown but after much discussion and testing with our vet, we determined we should switch to a limited ingredient diet. We tried several canned foods and brands, but she wasn't interested in any of it (she was on Royal Canin kibble for about 3 years prior to all this but always enjoyed wet food). We finally tried this Zignature Kangaroo dry food and she loves it. No begging her eat or worrying sick about what to give her. We are thrilled and hope that she continues to be excited about it for the long run. It's the first kibble she's ever been this excited about and it simply amazes us. So thankful to have found this quality brand.

  • Linzlee - Great product & insurance covers it!

    I reserved the last star because of the price. My husband and I make great money (not WIC qualified) but cannot afford to spend $320+ on formula a month for our 14 week old. Our story: baby had to be supplemented with similac regular formula from week 2 because I was not producing how much he wanted to eat and still can't (he wanted about 3oz in the first week each feeding and after 7weeks old wanted around 6 oz). Over the next few weeks, baby was having bloody diapers with forest green poo and mucus. Our pediatrician diagnosed him with a milk allergy and told us to stop breastfeeding and go solely Alimentum. This was a shock and I'll admit I only took part of her advice - I went on a dairy free diet and supplemented my EBM with the Alimentum around 7 weeks old. He is now 14 weeks old, a growing by in the 98th percentile height and 50th percentile weight (his parents are over 6 foot) and he is so different now! No bloody poo and back to greenish yellow, very rarely fussy, does not spit up as much during and after feedings, doesn't arch his back in pain, sleeps through the night, and is just overall a very happy baby! Happiness and health should always be priority. Also, just recently found out my BCBS PPO insurance plan covers Alimentum under my prescription benefits and we only have to pay a 45% copay - even better!

  • wennycg - great floor mats

    these all weather floor mats are awesome and fit nicely, i ordered this for my brand new 2015 jeep renegade becaue i want to keep the carpet as clean as possible living here in north dakota, they all fit pretty well except for the fron passenger which i had to fiddle with a bit but was able to get it to fit under the seat sliding bars . i loved the price for these and its awesome how quickly they ship , will def buy from this seller again

  • Lynn Cathey - good buy

    This pan is so solid, it keeps its shape and cleans beautifully. It bakes evenly and things don't stick to it. I wonder why I ever used nonstick before because things stuck to them and they don't stick to this. This is worth the money.

  • lori costa - Great shaver

    Bought this as a gift for my husband to replace his old Norelco shaver. The rotating blades cut close, leaves no stubble. The trimmer gets used the most as he has a mustache. It does a great job since he really hates to shave. Definitely recommend this.