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Alternative Cancer Treatment Options - Collection of publications addressing alternative medicine and cancer treatment options. Books such as Adios Cancer, and Outsmart Your Cancer give new life

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  • http://www.cancerdefeated.com/chemotherapy-is-on-its-way-outeven-in-mainstream-medicine/3856/ Chemotherapy is on its way out,even in mainstream medicine | Cancer Defeated - This is the first of two reports about the 2016 Cancer Control Convention and Doctors’ Symposium, held over Labor Day weekend at the Sheraton Universal Hotel,
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  • http://www.cancerdefeated.com/bee-products-yields-potent-anticancer-treatments/3845/ Bee products yields potent anticancer treatments | Cancer Defeated - A friend of mine recently suggested that honey bees should be called the compounding pharmacists of the insect world. They formulate a potent collection of anti
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  • Cesar - Very useful add-on for your Timbuk2 bag

    Designed to "turn" the Timbuk2 bags into Photobags. You have the possibility to carry a SLR-camera with lens + 2 additional lens in a "S" size Timbuk2 bag. Excellent finish and very good camera protection.

  • Mamacat - problem software

    this software never did work. The program came up and you could create a project but could not print it. I reported to the company and they were very helpful at sending me a different program to replace this one.

  • Jennifer A. - Great product!

    I use this in the morning and before bed. Has a very refreshing tingle and scent. I have hormonal acne along jawline and have found this is helping. Been using it for almost 2 weeks now and spots have gone away. A couple have tried to return and it nixes them pretty quick. Face feels smoother over all. Make up goes on better and is more even. I will be purchasing again.

  • FooBoo - Liked it at first (my kitty didn't

    Liked it at first (my kitty didn't, though, I think he doesn't like things squirted in his mouth, but that was the only way to ensure he got the proper dosage). Seemed to work in the beginning, then hit a plateau, and now I have to give him a prescription med (pill) that seems to be helping, but would have preferred to stick with this method. Oh well, never hurts to try.

  • Dangyankees - Good jacket

    I'm 6'1" 165 and the large is more than adequate for putting multiple layers underneath. It is baggy when I don't need an extra fleece. Have not been out in horrible weather with it yet, but repels light rain perfectly. Does a great job at breaking the wind.